Anonymiss in DC

{December 11, 2008}   Another rainy day in DC

Today is the kind of day where you somehow haul yourself out of bed, make it to the window, look outside at the miserable gray sky, and think to yourself,  “Can I call out sick?”

The weather around here is really interesting. Aside from the fact that it’s December, none of us have any clue what season it is, including the weatherman. Yesterday it was 60 degrees, today it’s back to the 50s and it’s pouring rain like it’s March, except that there are no “April Showers” about to bring “May Flowers.”

And yet, even though I long for spring and sunshine and green, I can’t help but wonder where the snowflakes are.  Generally, I dislike winter because it’s cold, it wreaks havoc on my skin, lips, and hair, it makes my clothes staticky, and that kind of stuff.  But because I don’t have any control over it (and because part of me is that same little girl who knew the “School Closing” hotline phone number by heart),  I secretly crave snowstorms.

My favorite part about falling snow is the silence it seems to bring with it. Now of course, now that I’m a city girl and not a country girl, it’s not really silent– ever. But I can still feel that sort of “hush” that lingers in the air as the snowflakes drift to the ground, silently inviting us to just stop whatever we are doing and immerse ourselves in the moment.

As a child, I used to love to just sit outside in that silence and listen to it.  And just watch the world sit still. And I miss that. It’s true what they say about “the city”– it never sleeps. But not only does it never sleep, it never stops. Someone is always out and about doing something, at any hour of the day, in any kind of weather.  And sometimes I just need the world to stop for a little bit.  Doesn’t anyone else ever feel that way, or am I just a country girl in a city world? 🙂

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