Anonymiss in DC

{December 18, 2008}   Verizon Update

I’m telling you, the fun with Verizon never stops.

Yesterday was Wednesday, also known as the day Verizon said they’d try again to reinstall my phone.

Just because life is fun, yesterday, I stay home sick from work, because I was sick. Sore throat. Yay winter.  So I’m in bed. I wake up a few times, check my cell phone to make sure no tech guy called saying he couldn’t find my apartment building, but otherwise, sleep blissfully until about 12:30 pm. At this point I wake up, thinking “What is going on? Aren’t they supposed to do this today?”

Keep in mind also that my apartment building is a black hole for cell phones. NOTHING gets in or out unless you are approximately 2 inches from a window and don’t move.

So I get up, find a corner where the phone seems to work, dial the building front desks, ask if they’ve seen Verizon. Nope, but they promise to call if they see him.  So I say a little prayer,  call Verizon, enter my phone number, confirm that’s the number I entered, say no, I’m not calling in response to an ad, say I’m calling about a pending order, hit zero for an operator…wait on hold with some really bad Christmas music…

Friendly, helpful customer service agent no. 1 tells me that the tech guy CAME this morning but couldn’t find the address, so he said it was wrong, cut his losses, and canceled the order. I explain the whole address saga AGAIN (yes it is a real address, it’s a new street, your address-checker can’t find it– that’s why I SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM TO GO TO THE LEASING OFFICE, blah blah blah.) I ask why the guy didn’t CALL me if he couldn’t find it.

Agent: “I’m not sure ma’am.”

Me: “Well can you tell him to come back out?”

Agent: “Unfortunately, it’s too late to send one of our technicians out today.”

Me: “But it’s 1:00!!”

Agent: “I’m sorry, ma’am. What I’m going to do is set this up so an agent comes out first thing in the morning. I will put in really detailed notes on how to find the place.”

Me: “But I did that already! And it didn’t work!”

<reiterate how to find building, why address doesn’t appear in GPS, etc. etc.)

….And I lose. They’ll be back tomorrow. I sit back down on the couch, infuriated.

After a few minutes, I realize this is ridiculous, and I decide to grow a pair, call them back, and tell them I want my phone NOW or I am going to go to the evil Comcast and tell people evil stories about their service, and that I need to talk to a supervisor NOW….

That kind of thing.

Except that I get this really nice customer service lady. I tell her the whole story, explain to her that I want to hear the directions for the next technician, and say I want a technician dispatched today- not tomorrow- because I am crouched in a corner in my black-hole-for-cell-phones apartment, and it’s been a week and a half.  She apologizes approximately 6 times, and I feel kind of bad– I mean it’s not HER fault! She puts me on hold to go get a supervisor.

Meanwhile– call-waiting beep— and you aren’t going to believe this.

Me: “Hello?”

Response: “Hi, this is Mike the Verizon guy. I’m having trouble finding your place.”

At this point I am TOTALLY confused. There’s already a technician dispatched? Is this the guy from this morning? Is this a new guy? (Wow, that was fast– I didn’t even tell them off yet!)

I somehow manage to recover, tell the guy how to get to my building, and he tells me he’ll be here in about 20 minutes. I tell him to call if he has any problems.

I switch back to the other line,  and the Verizon lady is asking me all kinds of questions that are being relayed to HER from a third party– like what’s a phone number for someone else at the same address ? ( I don’t know), is there an apartment with the same number as mine on the street whose name is similar to mine that MapQuest can detect? (I don’t know)…

I interrupt to tell her that I just got a call from a Verizon guy who says he’s on his way. Does she want his number to call him?

She sounds confused and tells me she can’t dial out, but if the guy is for real, maybe we should just end our conversation and see what happens. I say “Okay, but is the address on the order he’s got correct? Because the other guy told me even though he could find my place, the address was wrong, so he couldn’t install…”

She says she’s working on it… and we hang up.

20 minutes later, and no one’s calling me, and I feel kind of anxious. I call the number of the technician, and find out it’s not a cell phone number– it’s the number for Verizon’s office. NOOOOOO!!!!

I start to panic when I get a call from the guy at the front desk:

“Hey, someone from Verizon is here.”

Hallelujah! I grab my keys and my phone, run down there, and meet Mike the Verizon guy. I am thrilled.

And he’s a nice guy. I take him back to the apartment, show him where the phone jacks are, he says they seem to work…puts some device in my wall so help him locate my lines from the “main phone room” and goes off to find the main phone room to turn the service on.

He’s gone for about 2 hours. I hear a few stray noises/beeping, but basically I feel awful so I fall asleep on the sofa for a while.

Wake up to him knocking. It’s around 4 pm by this point. He tells me because the address in the order was wrong, they’re having trouble activating the lines, and he’s got the engineering department involved and a supervisor, but they close at 4 pm so he’s going to have to come back tomorrow.


“Oh, and by the way,” he says. “I know they told you you can’t have DSL here, but they’re wrong. As a matter of fact, you are scheduled for installation December 23rd.”

“Umm what?”

I mean that’s cool, I’ll take my DSL back– not having phone OR internet really is killing me– but WHAT? They told me I couldn’t have DSL and three different people told me my DSL was terminated…so what exactly is going on?

At least Mike the Verizon guy is a nice guy, and he got supervisors and engineers involved, and he knows that my building exists, and he’s trying to get me a phone by the end of TODAY…

I don’t know what happens next, though. This is seriously messed up.

This morning, when I went downstairs to sign a release saying the Verizon guy can go into my apartment if he needs to, I noticed someone ELSE signed a release to let Verizon into THEIR apartment. Are they having the same dramas?

The plot thickens…

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