Anonymiss in DC

{December 31, 2008}   Verizon Update *3*

Because I know everyone is totally engrossed in the saga that is my Verizon experience, I thought I’d provide yet another update.

The day after I wrote Verizon Update 2, Mike the Verizon Guy calls me and tell me he’s still having a hard time getting my phone working because of my address not existing in Verizon’s systems. He says my building didn’t file the paperwork to get the building on file with the county and that’s the problem.

So I call up my apartment building, and they indignantly tell me that they did what they were supposed to, and that that postal service can verify the validity of the address if Verizon has questions. I get the name and number of the building’s postmaster.

I call the postmaster, who is very nice, but I can almost see him rolling his eyes over the phone. He tells me he’s gotten so many calls about this issue.

“Everyone’s having trouble. People can’t get their addresses changed with their credit card companies…they can’t get gas service…they can’t get cable…”

You have GOT to be kidding me.

“So, I’m not the only one having a problem with our address?”


Umm…what the hell.

This is QUITE contrary to what I’ve been told multiple times by my leasing agent, who, rather than DO SOMETHING about this problem, keeps insisting I should just get Comcast instead of Verizon….Grrrr…..

So after lamenting for a bit about the plethora of complaints he’s getting, the postmaster reassures me that my address is in fact a valid United States address registered with the county and the state. It’s been updated in the USPS address databases that most companies license for use in their computer systems.

The hitch? Each company downloads updates at some company-specific interval, and Verizon must not have done their update yet, so their system isn’t recognizing my address.

“Well when will they?” I say.

“Don’t know. It’s up to them.”


So I call back Mike the Verizon Guy, give him the scoop (and the postmaster’s phone number.)

He says he believes me about the address, but that the knowledge is  unfortunately still basically useless because who KNOWS who is responsible for updating Verizon’s address database from USPS, and who knows how often they do it….

But there’s a silver lining:  He thinks he knows somebody who had this problem before and figured out “a trick” to get around it, so he’s going to see if he can find that person.

And I call him back a few hours later, and….

He’s GOT IT.

He doesn’t really give me the details, but says it will work– he tried it himself.

I am overjoyed. Thrilled. You mean people can like, call me? People don’t have to call me on my cell phone in my building that’s a black hole for cell phone reception?!

And as I profusely thank Mike the Verizon Guy, he reminds me that I’m allegedly set up for DSL installation (even though I didn’t order it) and advises that if he were I, he wouldn’t try to change the order because he had to go “around” the computer systems to get the phone working, and any changes might mess that up.

“Good luck,” are his parting words of wisdom.

That doesn’t sound too good….

But I go home, and I plug in my phone, and I say a little prayer, hit “Talk” and hear….*drum roll please*…a dial tone.


You can CALL me and it RINGS and I can push “Talk” and hear you talking to me! It’s like a miracle!

Mike the Verizon Guy is my hero!

Who knew one could be so excited in 2008 about getting a land line installed??

Today my internet is allegedly to be turned on by 6 pm.

Can’t wait to see how that pans out.

But more on that later 😛 Be excited.

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