Anonymiss in DC

{January 5, 2009}   Facebook status

It occurred to me that Facebook is ruining my life. 😛

Not really, of course, but it is kind of sad that I frequently think of status messages for myself– throughout the day– that I will not use for fear of soliciting bizarre comments, scaring people, weirding people out, or otherwise coming across as a sociopath / criminal / freak.

You know, things like

“Anonymiss in DC  just dropped one of her headphones in her freshly microwaved butternut squash ravioli.”


“Anonymiss in DC wants to run around screaming just to wake up everyone in this office.”


“Anonymiss in DC can’t help being amused that there’s a sign– in English– in every bathroom stall on this floor reminding people to flush the “toilette.”


“Anonymiss in DC literally sang Don Henley the entire way home from the metro at 2 am.”

You know, nothing harmful or anything, just weird, unexpected, and probably useless.

What can I say? I get bored. Sometimes thinking of status messages entertains me.

“Anonymiss in DC loves Facebook status messages.”


Carrie Clark says:

Hahahaha. As a frequent status updater myself, I must say that eliciting comment strings into the 20-40 comment range is incredibly amusing. I say go for it! =P

Patrick says:

Do you think Facebook status messages are purely informative purposes? Mine last weekend was “Patrick is stuntin’ like his daddy.”

People often use Facebook status messages/relationship status/about me to say off-the-wall, random, things in order to solicit communication from other people.

You wouldn’t believe how many people responded when my status was, “Patrick is never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”

anonymissindc says:

Facebook messages are definitely not for informative purposes only 😛 I often put deliberately random things in to see what people will do with them because I enjoy starting the conversation– although Carrie, you have me beat for sure on the comment range!

Still, it’s kind of ridiculous how often I think about what I could MAKE my status message. If I changed it every time I thought of a new random thought, it’d be a really embarrassing testament to how addicted to Facebook I am, and how bored I can get. 😛

anonymissindc says:

P.S. my personal fav was when my status message said i wanted to dye my hair bright orange and become a rockstar:P

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