Anonymiss in DC

{January 6, 2009}   Verizon Update *5*

You have GOT to be kidding me.

This is NOT funny.

After finding out yesterday that Verizon of Maryland has delayed my DSL activation for a 4th time, I call Comcast, and grudgingly tell them that yes, I will stay in my apartment all day Saturday waiting for them to come install my internet service.

So I’m on my cell phone this morning under my enormous umbrella, juggling my purse, a liter and a half of water, my lunch bag, and my Express, desperately trying to get to work on time even though I actually LEFT ON TIME…

And my phone drops a call.


But you know, stuff happens, so I call back and say sorry, that was weird, my phone dropped a call.

And it drops again.

Nope, no Secret Service caravan in sight, so this is definitely unusual seeing as I’m in the middle of downtown Washington.

And my phone says I have something like 6 bars! Wow!

But it won’t connect. It just says “Calling…” and then fails.

And no one can call me.

And I can’t send or receive texts.


I swear, it’s a conspiracy against me. I don’t know what I did to the Verizon Corporation, but I am SORRY.

Patrick says:

Wow looks like you have angered the corporate gods… maybe a sacrifice is in order to appease them.

In all honesty your situation really sucks- I hope you get through it!

anonymissindc says:

Thanks, Patrick!

I don’t know WHAT the deal is, because I called the tech support people, who tried a bunch of stuff and it didn’t work, so they told me to go to a Verizon store and either (1) get a replacement phone (i have a warranty), or (2) just get a new phone because i’m due for my “new every two” upgrade. I walk to the Verizon store, in the pouring ran, sign into their computer system even though there’s like 4 people just sitting there staring at me, my name gets called, I hand the guy at the counter my phone and tell him I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it won’t call anyone or receive calls…

And he dials his own cell phone number and it rings.

Then he dials my number on his cell phone and IT rings.

The guy looks at me like I’m on drugs, and says “This phone is working fine.”

I’m like “WHAT?! Let me see that!!”

And it dials.

So I’m left standing there looking stupid.

“I guess you have the Midas Touch?” I say stupidly. What else can I say?

So maybe the gods are appeased?

Actually, maybe it’s not really fixed, because I tried making a call and it did connect, but was all broken up because apparently I don’t have reception in the hallway outside my office anymore.

I don’t know.

We shall see…
Who knows.

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