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{January 7, 2009}   Pitter Patter

Some of you may know that I’ve been slightly emotional lately. Things have been a little…insane.

To those of you who’ve been on the receiving end of my angst:  sorry about that. 🙂

The good news is, I’m a sucker for romance, and in spite of all my own drama, I still believe in all-encompassing, toe-curling love and butterflies, forever and ever.  Because at the end of the day…what else could anyone want?

So I occasionally let my mind wander to those movie scenes that have created what are probably unrealistic expectations…and I sigh…:)

Let’s run through a few, shall we? I mean why not? 🙂

1.  “A toast– to Bridget– who cannot cook!– but who we love.. Just as she is.”

This line is delivered by a best friend of Bridget Jones after consuming each of three unappetizing courses  she prepared for her birthday dinner party.

Immediately after this remark, Mark Darcy (played by the ever attractive Colin Firth), glances, rather startled, at the blushing Bridget (who, by the way, is the epitome of the trying-too-hard, overly stressed, but fun-loving, kick-ass woman in all of us)…because he realizes, of course, he only just recently told her that he liked her just as she is…and her friend is obviously borrowing the line and making it obvious that his remark meant something to her when he said it.

**Contented Sigh**

*I* want to be loved exactly as *I* am– even when I am in my faded jammies at 12 noon and I need a shower, even when I’m running late for an important event, even when my hormones are out of whack and I’m sobbing over spilled milk…

…just as I am!!!

2.  The scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding where Julianne finds Michael in the train station, looking for Kimmy. She asks him why he is there, and he tells her that this is where he proposed to her.

” I had to cover a game in Milwaukee.  She saw me off. And when the train started to leave… I jumped up on the step, I help the handle, and without… [pause]…without a thought in my head…I shouted, ‘Marry me.’

And she gasped, and covered her mouth, and the train was pulling out, and suddenly she screamed YES!

Just once.

And blew me a kiss.”

**Contented Sigh**


That is so romantic. The impulse. Taking a chance like that, because you just know, somehow, in that instant, that it’s right. *sigh*

3. In The Notebook, where the children and grandchildren are visiting their parents at the nursing home. Their mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s, does not, of course, know who they are, but she is happy to meet them before leaving for her afternoon nap. The kids, now alone with their father, who is basically living in the nursing home to be near her, even if she doesn’t know who he is, say to him she seems good today. He says “Maybe it’s a day for a miracle.”

The kids tell him to come home. She doesn’t know who he is. She doesn’t know who they are. The whole situation is crazy.

But he refuses to leave, saying “Look guys, that’s my sweetheart in there.  I’m not leaving her.  This is my home now. Your mother is my home.”


**Contented Sigh**


Do I even have to explain this one?

How romantic. Tragically romantic. Break-my-heart romantic. *sigh* Love that never dies…

4. The ending of Hope Floats. (SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen this and plan to, don’t read)

So she works in the photo shop, and for the longest time was having trouble loading the film into the machines for developing.  (In one scene, she almost gets fired for ruining 5 rolls of film from somebody’s bridal shower– they all came out black.)

In this particular scene, she gets a ton of pictures, and they are again black. And she starts going “NO! NO NO NO! What is WRONG with that machine!” And she’s flipping through a stack of all black photographs, muttering under her breath, when suddenly she flips to a picture of him, in the parking lot of the photo shop, in front of his car, holding a bouquet of flowers.

And she smiles, goes outside, where he’s of course waiting with the flowers in front of his car– just like in the picture– and he actually scoops her up in his arms, puts her in the passenger side of the car as she laughs, and they drive off into the sunset together, his arm draped around her.

**Contented sigh**

I think I’d like to be picked up from work like that once in a while.

I’m just sayin’.

I don’t even need the flowers, although I’d gladly accept them. They don’t have to be roses, or anything expensive. You can pick them yourself if you want. They can be DANDELIONS for all I care. Or daisies.  I love daisies.

Someone picked me flowers once and left them on my front porch in a Mason jar. I thought it was perfect.

5.  The scene in Kate and Leopold where Leopold sets up a romantic candle-lit dinner on the roof of Kate’s apartment building and hires a group of string musicians to play so they can dance.

I think the part I can’t get past is the musicians on the roof. And the table, and the candles.  (So basically the whole thing.)

To have a guy go to so much effort– even if the food comes out awful (which of course it didn’t in the movie)– the thought is just so charming and sweet. And it’s a great scene for those of us who are always frazzled, because Kate is overwhelmed by her job, her city life, running around like a crazy person…and she comes home, exhausted, and is able to leave it all behind, temporarily…

6. The scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Ben is turning on the shower in his parents’ house and getting Andi a towel, and she starts talking about how she loves his house and the noise and all the smells…and she’s kind of feeling emotional about how much she is enjoying herself and his company… and he tells her to smile…

It’s just such a sweet, tender scene. Even though this is a silly romantic comedy and they’re both “playing” each other to win a bet, they are genuinely falling in love with one another in spite of themselves and thinking about how their lives could be together…. how they could build a home and a life together.  It’s rarely discussed, but part of finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with is finding someone who you can make a family with but who can be part of the family you already have and love, too.

**contented sigh**

Okay, that’s enough for now. I think we get the idea.

Just, you know, remember that I love impromtu “I love yous” and daisies and candle-lit dinners and  being loved exactly as I am for always.

Carrie Clark says:

Yeah and I totally “awwww”ed at every single one of those. Even The Notebook, which I haven’t seen. We’re such suckers. =P

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