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{January 8, 2009}   Back to the Blogosphere

I’m sure it comes to you as no surprise that I am a big fan of The Daily Kos. And yet, since Obama got elected in November, I’ve been, well, frankly, checked out of politics. I get my Express everyday at the metro but I usually don’t read more than a page or two before I skip to the celebrity news followed by the crossword puzzle or sudoku. I know that’s not cool of me, but frankly, I think it’s a miracle I read the newspaper at all– ever– after the last eight years.

Anyway, a few things have happened in the last two days that have sort of made me get with the program, at least a little bit.

1: A friend said something to me about the Burris situation, and I blanked and said “Who? Who’s Burris?” and was completely embarrassed when I realized that I’d forgotten about that whole situation…

2. I logged into Facebook and was completely overwhelmed by both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli photographs, articles, links, and status dedications, and I realized I need to actually start paying attention, even though I don’t really want to pick sides…

2: Another friend posted a link to a Kos article as his Gchat “Status”, which, of course, I had to read…and of course it was good…and I thought: why haven’t I been doing this lately?

So long story short, I’m back to my Google Reader.

I figure it’ll last a couple days.

So while it lasts, I figure I’ll let you in on the stuff I think is worth reading, because, you know, maybe you don’t feel like reading everything (or much of anything) either.

So read these:

  • “The Tale of Two Als” by Bill in Portland Maine. (Full disclosure: I simply love Bill in Portland Maine. I love the way he writes. And I really share his sentiments about not wanting Democrats to “play nice” with the Republicans. They’ve got it coming.)
  • Religious Right Turns a Blind Eye to a Real Life Issue.” This is a very powerful indictment of the Right’s claim to be “pro-life” written by a  “virtual quadriplegic” husband and father who’s seen first hand how our health care system straps American families.
  • Today’s “Midday Open Thread” (from Daily Kos.) It’s got some interesting stuff in it today– like how the US Army screwed up big time, how the retail stores actually did in December after all (hint: not too good!), and the fact that pelicans all over the place seem to be really sick. (What’s THAT all about, and umm,  shouldn’t we be more concerned?)
  • An editorial in the Philadelphia Enquirer re the Israeli/Palestinian violence about finding middle ground. (It’s nice to see something like this in the midst of all this hate, anger, and heartbreak!) Please don’t hate me if you disagree with this article…I’m really trying to learn more about this issue.
  • This little gem on how the medical communities well-loved scrubs could pose a threat to patient and public health. It’s disturbing, but worth a read (or a skim, whatever floats your boat.)
  • More bad news about infant formula contamination. Yikes! This one’s for anyone who has or knows anyone who has babies. To be fair, we’ve known for a long time anyway that breastfeeding is healthiest option for both mom and baby.  But as many moms know– this isn’t always a feasible or healthy option. My suggestion?  I think it’s time we ask (louder this time) if we can talk about (1) Tighter regulation of imported food additives, and (2)  Making the working world better for nursing moms ( and moms in general).

Okay that’s enough for now.

Comments welcome, and please feel free to send me stuff to read! 🙂

Patrick says:

I love Google Reader. I got your little blog right there thus why I am commenting…

you know who has a good blog? That awesome guy over at Definitive Dmbosstone ( He’s really good at shameless drops.

Carrie says:

I have Google Reader and even subscribe to blogs through Google Reader…but then I never check Google Reader. =P

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