Anonymiss in DC

{January 9, 2009}   Verizon Update *7*

Boo Verizon– again.

Short update: I called Verizon and they have again delayed my internet service activation– this time until January 13th, AKA, next TUESDAY.

That’s the 7th delay (It was originally scheduled to work  12/23, then delayed til 12/24, then delayed til 12/29, then delayed til 12/31, then delayed til 1/5/, then delayed til 1/7, then delayed til 1/9, then delayed til 1/13.)

Oh well.  Comcast is supposed to come install on Saturday. (And they’d better, because I am stuck sitting in my apartment for a 4 hour window!)

Luckily for Verizon, I have no faith in Comcast either, so I’ll wait until I’m sitting in my living room reading my email before I call Verizon and let them have it.

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