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{January 12, 2009}   24 in DC: 7th Season Premiere, Part 1

I don’t believe I’ve written yet about my slight obsession with 24.

You know, like the fact that I’ve seen all 6 seasons, plus the TV movie, plus the 2 hour 7th season premiere last night, and the fact that I’ve watched the Jack Bauer “Damnit!” video, and I’ve seen the Jack Bauer Kill Count, and the Basic Truths about Jack Bauer…. and I wanted to have a “24” themed 24th birthday party. ..

But I have to tell you– I think I’m starting to lose it.

I know there was a writers’ strike and all, but it really was a mistake to delay airing the 7th season for an entire year.  After re-watchinig Season 6 and then watching the movie and last night’s premiere, I can report that the show still makes my heart pound, and that I  still believe Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas. HOWEVER, I’m also rapidly approaching the point where there I just can’t take it that seriously anymore.

Like last night, when Jack spots the no-longer-dead-but-actually-alive-and-evil Tony, and in mad pursuit of him on the pier, hollers “TONY!!!” (in that super bellow-esque yell of his), and then deftly tackles him– linebacker style.

Or how about the new, sassy-mouthed red-headed hot chick in the powersuit whose lip gloss remains ever shiney, even after she’s shot at by a sniper?

Really? Another one of those? Good god.

I’m already trying to decide if she’s going to make out with Jack by the end of the day or if that boss of hers is also her very protective beau. Not really sure. I guess it depends on whether they decide to touch the Audrey issue.

It’s probably not nice of me, but I can’t wait till this one’s kidnapped and strapped with duct tape. That ought to take at least one or two episodes, if we’re lucky. But I’m sure her lip gloss will be just fine. At least she’s wearing pinstripes instead of the normally obligatory low-cut satin blouse….

I also choked last night when Jack announces ominously to the new hottie agent that “The FBI has been compromised” and that therefore “We have to do this my way.”

Really? Because I didn’t see THAT one coming. A mole?? In a government agency?

 What a brilliant twist! I mean, I was expecting that to take at least another episode or so. I’m caught entirely off-guard.


 Has there ever been a single season of 24 where there weren’t at least 3 moles?

And then there’s all this commentary about the show completely screwing up their attempt to make it look like this whole thing is taking place here in DC. Hilarious. I, too, was deeply annoyed by their attempt to pass “Naylor Road” off as downtown, their pretending 767s actually fly from DCA to JFK, and so on and so forth.

To be fair, I make fun of the show a lot, but have never failed to get completely and utterly sucked in, and so I guess that says something for 24, right? 🙂

Or maybe it just says that I’m a sucker. 😛

I also have to say that I’m entirely entertained by the latest political commentary of 24.

The “Redemption” shindig was obviously a sort of Darfur/Rwanda/Iraq/Afghanistan commentary aiming to get you to think about when and how the U.S. can be justified in launching a unilateral attack without the support of the UN or the international community. Not sure how I feel about this one, and will be interested to see how it all pans out this season. I may actually have to give Fox credit for trying to give the American public a conscience about Darfur.

They’re even delving into the whole  “child soldier” bit! I’m kind of impressed!

Then AGAIN….

NOW we get to watch a Senate hearing in which Jack Bauer– THE all-American hero– is about to be indicted by DOJ for torturing suspects.  The chairman is obviously a pompous, oblivious, snivelling little man who has no idea what sacrifies must be made in order to protect the American public from those who hate freedom and democracy.  He’s giving– of all people– JACK BAUER– a hard time?!

Jack Bauer saves babies, Senator. Jack Bauer doesn’t regret doing what “had to be done” to save innocent American civilians. What the hell is your problem? For God’s sakes, let the man go so he can go torture more terrorists before its too late!

I mean it’s interesting…certainly an interesting time to talk about this…super-liberal chick over here will acknowledge that it succeeds in challenging my “no torture” mantra.. but really, let’s not get too carried away with the soapbox.

Patrick says:

I saw this post and I want to read it but I’m in Detroit for business and I haven’t seen any of it!

anonymissindc says:

haha ok, well when you get back, we shall all discuss.

Patrick says:

Oh well I’m back we need to discuss!

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