Anonymiss in DC

{January 12, 2009}   Verizon Update *8*, Comcast Update *1*

*I* have internet. IN MY APARTMENT.

It’s like a miracle.

But let’s just review. Just for, you know, closure.

Verizon delayed 7 times. Somewhere in the middle of that, after, say, delay #5, I signed up to have Comcast come, and I decided we’d let them race.

It was almost a draw.

As of Friday afternoon, Verizon delayed our DSL activiation until January 13, and I threw my hands up in the air and said to myself, “Well, Comcast is supposed to come tomorrow afternoon between 2 and 5.”

I know I said I didn’t really believe that, and that even the “helpful Comcast representative” assigned to my building (those are the words of my leasing agent), told me the technicians usually run late, so I should plan on being home 3-6 instead of 2-5.

So I’m stuck in my apartment all day Saturday basically, but I figure I’ll deal if they actually show up. Around 4:30, I call 1-800-COMCAST to see where my technician is, and I get somebody who tells me they’re emailing the dispatcher and telling them to get in touch with me in 15 minutes to let me know when they’ll be here. I tell them to make sure if he has problems finding my NON-EXISTENT address (not that he should, because I have a “helpful Comcast representative” just for my building), that he call me, and I give them the name of my building and detailed instructions.

Except I hear NOTHING from them, so I call back around 5:30, and repeat the same exercise, except this time I add rather hotly that I called before and they didn’t call me back like they said they would. This time they will, they say.

That doesn’t happen, either, so around 6 something, I’m calling back AGAIN when I get a phone call on my apartment phone from a Comcast dispatcher telling me that the technician is running “extremely late” (no KIDDING!)…

…and that he will be at least another two hours.

I’m slightly agitated by this point and tell her I’m really upset– I’ve been sitting in my apartment ALL DAY, and they didn’t bother to call to tell me– obviously he’s been running late for a WHILE– and she apologizes semi-apologetically and tells me I can reschedule.

I’m pretty un-charming about this after wasting my entire Saturday, but I actually have plans to leave my apartment for a few hours to go out for dinner, and I’m not canceling them. So I agree to have them come Sunday morning between 8 and 11 on the stipulation that I’m first in line, so I won’t have to waste another day at home if the guy starts running late. She reassures me  multiple times that I am first in line. “I’m sorry, ma’am,” she says. “I know you’re upset.”

I resist the urge to say “No Sh!t”…instead, mumbling that I find their service “Very disappointing.”

So I go out, do my thing, go to bed.  I sleep with the phone right next to my bed, but I wake up at 10:55 am the next morning.

That would be 5 minutes before 11, or 2 hours and 55 minutes into my 8-11  am window.

Hmm. First in line, my @$$.

Repeat the same exercise of calling multiple times to find the technician, who never calls as promised. .

Finally, at around 1:20 pm (two hours past the upper end of my 8-11 am installation time and almost AN ENTIRE WEEKEND DAY past the lower-end of my original installation bracket ), I get a call from a very cordial Comcast technician saying he can’t find my building.

I’m very nice, but secretly FUMING that they didn’t bother with those detailed instructions I provided.  I give them to him again, and he arrives at my building, and I let him in…get someone to find the phone room for him…yada yada yada….

The good news is, even though initially he couldn’t get my line to work, and even though he didn’t bring me a gateway so I don’t have any wireless, and I have exactly one Ethernet output for both the laptop and the Xbox…I at least have one functioning internet connection.  What else could I want at this point, seriously? I’ll take it!


So around dinner time I call Verizon to tell them to shove it, they lose, Comcast wins…and they’re closed.

So I just called Verizon TODAY to tell them to shove it, and I wait on hold for like 15 minutes… and they tell me that they can’t cancel my order before it’s complete.

Are you KIDDING ME??

I say to the guy, “WHAT?! They’re NEVER going to complete my order– they’ve delayed it 7 times already! That’s why I want to cancel it!”

He apologizes and tells me there’s nothing they can do but wait. But never fear, he says!- my activation date is tomorrow by 6 pm, so I should call back then and cancel.

Deep breaths.

At least I can check my email.

Comcastcares1 says:

Let me know if you need further assistance in setting up your Comcast account. I work for Comcast and I will be happy to assist.

Best Regards,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

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