Anonymiss in DC

{January 16, 2009}   Inauguration Dresses

So as much as I’d like to say I don’t care about material things…

I’m not gunna lie– I really enjoy making fun of and or drooling over the outfits of famous people.

And, as luck would have it, The Huffington Post and People are all over the history of inauguration dresses. (Hey! Give them a break, people! We all need some fun sometimes!)

After going through about fifty years of First Lady inauguration gowns, I am feeling rather panicked. I really hope Michelle Obama doesn’t feel like she needs to take a cue from anyone whose husband has been inaugurated in the last, oh, 50 years. Assuming she doesn’t, she’ll pretty much have it in the bag as the best-dressed first lady in a LONG time.

I realize that it’s rather unfair to try to compare Michelle Obama to, say, Barbara Bush, but it’s just not even close. I can honestly say that  Barbara Bush’s blue dress from the 1989 gala might just be the ugliest dress I have ever seen on anyone of any age, ever.  Hideous.

And I know you’re thinking “Of course she hates Barbara Bush’s dress”– but actually, I think Nancy Reagan’s dress (the white lacy one from 1981–NOT the one she wore in 1985 with that ATROCIOUS perm!), is remarkably classy– especially relative to the other First Ladies’ dresses!– and should be considered proof that you needn’t dress frumpily even if you’re over 50.

I don’t even mind Laura Bush’s dress from 2000. It’s true–  don’t know why she had to have sleeves like that or why she chose to wear those shoes, but I am kind of a fan of the red, and the slight, but not over-the-top slink.

I also think Laura’s silver one from 2005 is classy, if also a bit too modest. I really don’t know why there’s a huge seam down the front, but nobody’s perfect.  For good measure, I’m even adding that I think Barbara Jr. looks great in that picture. Classy! And that’s a lot coming from me– I am not a fan of taupe. She pulled it off, though, which is more than I will say for what she and Jenna wore in 2001. They both look like they pulled their dresses off a sales rack at Deb.  Gross.

Unfortunately, Laura,  this one just ain’t workin’. I can’t help it. You’re just not getting a free pass on this one. You look like a 1950s housewife who used her house duster pattern but made her dress out of chiffon instead of cotton!

Then again,  that wasn’t as bad as what Lynn Cheney’s wore to the last two inaugurations. Those were the kind of dresses that make me want to hide under the rug. I dont think I’d let my mother attend my wedding if  I even saw her trying these on (see exhibits 1 and 2.)  Unacceptable. Way to overdo the whole matron thing. Just because you’re a grandmother doesn’t mean you have to make an extra effort to look like one.


Dear Michelle,

So far, so good. Even though that dress you wore in Grant Park back in November was a little odd and even a little creepy (it sort of made me think of blood stains), it was still a pretty cool dress, and you definitely pulled it off. Different, yet classy. Nicely tailored. Your black and white sun dress was super cute and feminine. And that belted purple dress from June? Love it, love it, love it. Please keep up the good work.  Don’t let me down. If you wear something like Barbara Bush did, I might hurt myself.


Anonymiss in DC

anonymissindc says:

P.S. I dont know why the Huffington Post links don’t work– sorry! The photos are all there, though, so have fun and scroll through them! They just added new photos that weren’t there yesterday!

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