Anonymiss in DC

{January 21, 2009}   24, Season 7, 12- 1 pm

I was a little excited about watching this episode tonight on “Fox on Demand.” You know, I love this show, obviously, and my coworker said it was really awesome and that I had to watch it so we could discuss.

I am not thrilled, though. I mean it was good, you know. My heart was pumping and I was grateful I was watching it online with “limited commercial interruption”…

… but this episode was just more same-old same-old for me.

Obviously, Jack was going to come up with some ingenious plan for getting the prime minister and his wife out of the safe room. And obviously “I have to make this right” Renee Walker, AKA U.S. intelligence’s new ultra-ambitious, overachieving bombshell of an agent, was going to show up and call him on it, in which case, he’d have to decide whether his “cover” could extend as far as killing her…


Meanwhile, Boss Moss does have a thing for the indomitable Agent Walker, and he goes slightly ape when he finds out the bad guys have her (which, as I predicted, only took a few episodes..)….


Oh, and they did save what’s-his-name’s wife by getting her off the plane, but guess what? Apparently he’s also sleeping with the blond chick strutting around the office answering phones. Nope, didn’t see that one coming. (Nobody gets a name on that show if they’re not going to end up involved in something.)


OF COURSE the Secret Service dude the “First Gentleman” knew he could trust in his little investigation into his son’s suicide-that-was-actually-a-murder is actually a super bad guy who wants to kill him too, and make that look like a suicide. Again, yeah, didn’t see that one coming. *Snore*

Meanwhile, back at the ranch– obviously Jack can’t kill Renee, so we have to pull another faux fatal shooting in a remote construction zone that happens to have a perfectly-sized, perfectly-placed ditch. (Oh, and then he has to cover her with the conveniently-present body-sized plastic tarp and bury her with the conveniently present shovel. Alive…)

I will say this:  Nice touch with the silent clock for Renee– which usually means death but this time ’round was accompanied by the sound of her breathing under the plastic sheath.

I like it.

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