Anonymiss in DC

{January 26, 2009}   Manic Monday :)

I love today for its complete, utter randomness.

Things I’ve learned so far today:

1.  Dog can be mesmerized by cupcakes.

2.  Seniors in Florida are gettin’ it on, big time. (And not without consequences; apparently STD rates are soaring.)

3. I’m not the only one who gets why New Jersey is amazing.

4.  It doesn’t matter that you bought cheese at the store yesterday and it looks fresh…it can can still be old and rancid. (I bought those Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese Sticks yesterday and I bit into one this morning and almost died. Apparently they expired on December 8th. Fabulous. Guess who is going back to Giant to put her Jersey ‘tude to good use…)

5.  Blood oranges look kind of like oranges going rotten, but when you peel ’em, they  are raspberry-colored inside and have a “zing” to them that regular oranges don’t have. How about that?

6. I love Jelly Belly Sour Grape jelly beans, but I think the Sour Peach ones taste oddly like lipstick and those candy necklaces I used to eat as a kid. Together.

7. When you get a SIM card for your phone in another country, you actually get a phone number for that country, and people can call you on it. Who knew?

Can’t wait for the rest of the day…

Carrie Clark says:

I thought I was getting a shout-out for my contribution to the randomness!! Loser… =P Kidding!

anonymissindc says:

oh my god, PLEASE forgive me…
everyone who reads this blog– all like, 3 of you– CARRIE CLARK sent me items 2 and 3. 🙂 she is the best:P

anonymissindc says:

speaking of randomness…can i just say how entertained I am that the “Possibly related Posts” for this post currently include “5 things I dig about Jesus”, and “Pumpkin Dip”?

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