Anonymiss in DC

{January 29, 2009}   24 Season 7, 1-2 pm

I know I’ve been a bit critical of 24 lately, but lett’s just be clear: it’s all in good fun. ūüôā I’m clearly not going to stop watching it and I clearly love it in spite of all the fun I have making fun of it.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to say, this “hour” was pretty good.¬† Even though it was slightly predictable and all, it’s still intense and, frankly, awesome. Jack’s back, baby!

So where to start.

¬†First off, Emerson figured out that something wasn’t quite right about Jack’s suddenly “joining the dark side” and Tony’s endorsement of it, and the next thing we knew, Tony was in that uncomfortable situation of having to choose between shooting his new “bro” Emerson or letting Emerson shoot his old “bro” Jack.

I was going to refrain from pointing out how amused I am that Jack didn’t bother trying to escape from Emerson’s headlock and instead left the situation in the hands of Tony….but I can’t help myself.¬† I realize Jack had a gun to his head, but really– last season, after getting hurt pretty badly, he wrapped a chain around Fayed’s neck and hung him. Plus, he also routinely kills bad guys wielding machine guns with a plain ‘ole shotgun. In short, he’s not exactly your average Joe.

But it’s cool– I get it– I’m supposed to be impressed that he trusted his life with Tony.¬† Oh, friendship!


So Tony pulls through, and shoots Emerson, who looks deeply surprised by this betrayal.¬† I’m impressed. I didn’t see this coming this early on in the season.¬† Then again, I seriously doubt this is the last we’ve seen of Emerson.¬† It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he showed up in a few more hours to cause trouble….that’s usually the way it goes when someone doesn’t die on this show.

…Speaking of not dying, I love how Chloe and rogue Bill pull up in the construction site in that hideous blue van and start digging up Renee, who, as you’ll recall, was shot and buried alive by Jack (with help from Tony) a few “minutes” ago.

(I assume Jack is an ace at sending multiple, detailed text messages, because obviously it would’ve been kind of awkward if he were in the back of Emerson’s van blabbing away on his phone like¬†¬† “Hey, so I just shot that redheaded FBI agent across the neck and buried her under a plastic tarp and some dirt…can you take care of that?”)

I also think it’s awesome that they just happen to find her¬† immediately and dig up her head first and happen to have a big syringe full of adrenaline to revive her …but I’ll go with it. ūüôā

So, with Emerson out of the way (at least for now), Jack’s up to the task of convincing the Prime Minister and his wife that they should let them hand them over to the bad guys so they can find Dubaku. (There’s something about Jack trying to be empathetic and¬†saying to people, “You’re very brave” that makes me giggle– I hope that’s not just me.)

Fresh out of the hideous blue van with the still-sassy Renee are Chloe and Bill, ready to assist in this little operation to find Dubaku.

Can¬†I just say how much I enjoyed Chloe’s little conversation with the prime minister as she’s implanting a tracking device into one of his molars…:

“Are you an FBI agent?”

“No, I’m a stay-at-home mom.”

I don’t really care that that was in the advertisements; I still love it.

Chloe is the best.

Anyway, so apparently we are done with the wires and the¬†little earpiece thingamabobs and the little arm implants and all those other wacko tracking devices– now we’ve got tooth implants! Well, hey, at least it’s¬†new!¬†I suppose now we can all look forward to the terrorists pulling teeth later on this season…but I digress…

In other news, I was kind of bummed that they killed off the president’s dead son’s ex-girlfriend. In retrospect it was inevitable, but I was still surprised at how quickly it happened. Gotta admit– it really made me antsy when they had her walking in the door to her apartment and Henry’s sitting helplessly on her sofa grunting at¬†her in warning¬†(he can’t speak since he’s been injected with some kind of muscle-paralyzing drug), and she’s like “What’s going on, Mr. Taylor? Are you ok?”… just seconds before she gets knifed from behind by the bad guy…

I realize it was totally ridiculous that in a matter of minutes, Mr. Taylor went from realizing he was able to wiggle his fingers to knocking out and inadvertantly killing¬† his would-be assassin, who was not suffering the effects of neuroparalytic drugs. But then, obviously they couldn’t just let Henry die and end the storyline, right?¬† I was getting sick of the smug little “I wanna be Jason Bourne” Secret Service guy anyway.

I anticipate several more episodes of my sitting on the edge of my seat flipping out about this storyline, and that’s cool with me. ¬†I really don’t know what they’re going to do with it next. Is Henry going to go back to the White House like nothing happened and try to support his stressed-out wife while covertly digging through the files on that USB stick Rachel gave him? Is he going to end up busted (temporarily) for the two dead people in that apartment?

See? This is how 24 gets ya.

I am also sucked into the situation at the White House.¬† So far, rather unexpectedly, President Taylor’s sticking to her guns and refusing to withdraw the troops she’s got near “Sengala”– even though the bad guys have the “great hope” for peace– Prime Minister Mobuto– and his wife, and that device that lets them hack into air traffic control, the power grid, the water supply, etc.¬† She’s playing with fire, and getting a lot of crap for it from her advisors.

So, is Fox intentionally making people think about the fact that sometimes, the hardline US policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists can get a lot of innocent Americans killed? This is an interesting development.

I’m also impressed that Fox is using a storyline with the potential to make people think about a really important question:¬† Are U.S. officials obligated to protect all American lives, even where doing so could result in the deaths of far larger numbers of non-Americans?

This, after all, begs the question we should be talking about a lot more often here in the real world: if we’re saying American lives are the top priority, aren’t we also saying American people are inherently more valuable than non-American people?

That definitely seems to be the consensus of¬†Taylor’s cabinet . Her top advisor¬†told her that a superpower must first and foremost defend its own interests; another hurled something at her about trying to explain to the families of dead Americans why¬†their¬†president¬†didn’t do everything in her power to protect their loved ones.

I’m impressed that she’s not biting, really.¬†¬†Honestly, I thought she was going to crack when they collided those planes outside the White House. (I also thought she was going to cry, which, blissfully, did not happen as yet.)¬† Whether you agree with her reasoning or not, you’ve gotta give it to her: she’s tough.

I like it. ūüôā

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