Anonymiss in DC

{February 2, 2009}   24 Season 7, 2-3 pm

Another Monday night, another 24. I happened to walk into my apartment just in time for the intro counter. Perfect.

I have to admit: I’m starting to warm up to Renee. I am very entertained by the fact that now that she’s been dug up out of the dirt, she’s managed to find a nice new perfectly-tailored  bright blue tank top. (And before you ask, no, she would not have been wearing that under her white pinstripe shirt; this is clearly a new outfit for our favorite redhead.) But I’ll let it slide… at least she’s not whining about how she was just shot and buried and how Jack is a traitor and how she wants to call Larry. Instead she’s jumped on the faux-CTU bandwagon and is doin’ it field agent style. Thank god she’s versatile, and not a wimp. And kudos to the writers for not letting her be caught by Dubaku or one of his goons and used as bait for Jack. (At least not yet.) I was totally waiting for one of them to come up behind her, point the gun at her throat, and tell Jack et al. to drop their guns– especially since the three of them were walking around together like they were on parade. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was not in fact the plan, at least not for this hour.

In other news, we’re spending more time over at the FBI office, where thankfully they are not making a total wimp out of the heartsick Larry. I mean he’s looking at Renee’s “missing agent” photo longingly and all, but at least he’s not incapable of functioning, and he’s actually doing his job without being a total jerk. I appreciate that. Not only does it make the show more bearable; it also kind of makes me want to root for him to hook up with Renee by the end of the day. (I realize, however, that he’s likely to have some competition from Jack… but we’ll see what happens with this one…)

Way to go to Janis for figuring out where Dubaku was going to launch his next attack on the government firewall. As I said before, I like Janeane Garafolo in the “new office geek” role.  Like Chloe, she’s sort of snippy with her coworkers (not without warrant– esp in the case of that guy– who I’ve finally figured out is named Sean), but she’s sharp as a tack and quick on her feet.   The “Chloe/Janis” parallel has made for good entertainment thus far, but I’m  starting to worry  they are going to take it too far.

Let’s just be honest:  you just can’t have another Chloe. That’s it. I mean I love Chloe, but Chloe is not to be duplicated. She’s Chloe! So let’s not take it too far. I am sure it is possible to develop a character that’s neither the sexy high-powered/ambitious-but-emotionally-vulnerable-type, nor Chloe.  Right?

While we’re on the subject, the whole bit where Janis is talking the manager of the chemical plant that’s about to melt down and he calls her honey, and she snarls, “Normally I don’t let people call me honey, but we can discuss that later…”…. that was kind of cute and took the edge off a tense situation a bit, but let’s go over this again: Janis is not Chloe.  Do something else.  Be creative.

In other news, as is usually the case on this show, we’ve reached a fork in the road. The little device the bad guys were using to hack into the government firewall to take over air traffic control, melt down power plants, take down power grids– thetrump card for the terrorists– it just got destroyed in Jack et al.’s little ambush of the law firm where Dubaku’s been hanging out. It’s kaput. And in case we thought they were going to fix it and use it later, Dubaku strapped a bomb to the genius scientist Tony nabbed in the first hour to help them get the device working…and detonated it. Yummy. I’m not really sure what the point of that was– clearly they just wanted to move on and tie up that loose end.

So in short: now they got nothin’– except, apparently, the “First Gentleman”– who apparently spent most of the episode passed out on the floor of his dead son’s now-dead girlfriend’s apartment, next to the body of his would-be assassin. (I think the term “First Gentleman” is hilarious by the way– am I supposed to take that seriously?)

I also need to comment here that I love how Dubaku had sort of set up camp in this very dark, almost cavernous-looking space, which is, apparently, just your usual Washington office building. Most of those buildings have these things in the ceiling called lights, but I guess it’s more dramatic to have them walking around in the dark planning their evil deeds than to have them under fluorescent lighting.

I also still think Bill is hilarious as a field agent. I know he looks all badass in his all-black outfit with his hair grown out and his chin unshaven, but please, the guy has never not worn a suit and tie before. I’m supposed to buy that he’s a getaway driver who can fire automatic rifles like Jack can? 🙂 I mean ok, I’ll go with it, but it still sort of makes me smile. What I really want to know is: where the hell is Karen Hayes? I forgot to look if he was still wearing a wedding band…I’ll have to do that. (Chloe is…)… but that can wait. Warning: I will be pissed if they arbitrarily destroyed another relationship…(sue me: I am still bitter about Tony and Michelle.)

Back at the White House, I’m on a witch hunt for the mole, which is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, I suppose. That former Secretary of State guy is too obvious to be the bad guy… but could it be the trusted president’s advisor, Ethan? That seems kind of obvious too… and it can’t be the president…at least I hope not…because they just did that! As usual, they’ve got me.

Finally, I have to comment that I love how Dubaku miraculously escapes his cave-like office and goes home to a cute little apartment with a teapot on the stove. I’m also rolling my eyes because they’ve just revealed his weak spot: his cutesy little waitress girlfriend, Marika. It cracks me up that he’s been, as he puts it, “attending to business”– AKA blackmailing the president and killing hundreds of Americans– and she’s getting all flirty and affectionate and talking to him about coming over tonight for lasagna. Who says this show isn’t a comedy?

Then again, maybe she’s not his weakspot, per se, because I’m sure he’d  just let them kill her if need be…but I’m sure she’s going to be used in some way going forward. They’d better not pull that same stunt they’ve used more than once already: trying to get a female to get information from her actually-a-bad-guy boyfriend. This never works, because, as you’ll recall, she always gets too emotional. (Anyone remember Elizabeth Nash from Season 1? Or Lisa Miller from Season 7?)

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