Anonymiss in DC

{February 11, 2009}   24 Season 7, 3-4 pm

So I admit, I actually laughed a few times tonight. Out loud.

Like when President Taylor asks Jack how she knows where his loyalties lie, and he says, in his usual, eye-piercing, jaw-clenching manner, “With all due respect, Madam President– Ask around.”

What a bad ass.

Or when Larry, rather sheepishly, shouts to Jack as Jack’s heading off to go torture or kill bad-guy Vossler– “Jack! It’s our rules that make us better”– and Jack takes one look at him and says, without any hesitation, “Not today.”…before heading off to some really impressive sounding music.

Slam. You really wanna have a battle of balls with Jack Bauer, Larry?


I also enjoyed Jack barreling down a one way street in pursuit of Agent Vossler. (Could he possibly abduct anyone without causing a five car pileup?) And then, when it becomes apparent to him that he can’t drive that car anymore, he spews out his customary “Damnit!”, and hijacks the first car that approaches. (Isn’t anyone else waiting for the day when he hijacks the wrong person? That would be hilarious!)

Anyway, so we start out with Renee, Jack, and nu-Bill showing up at the White House to chat with President Taylor. I love how they’re trying to keep their meeting all hush-hush t0 avoid detection by Dubaku moles– but you know, apparently, Chief-of-Staff Ethan gets to know what’s going on, as do various people who let Tom, Jack, and Renee into the building and into the elevator, open assorted doors for them, and later, bring them classified files.  That’s not to mention the people coming in to the Oval Office to tell Taylor she’s got a phone call…which, you know, I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted to take in private. I mean why not take a phone call in front of three people you’re suspicious of trusting?

I also love how the three of them stand there fielding questions from her, all with their hands at their sides, tucked behind their back– all in black leather jackets. Is that some kind of secret dress code? (In addition to Jack’s kick-ass “Ask around” comment– he also dropped one of his customary “We don’t have another option” lines.  It’s getting harder and harder to take those seriously…)

So even though it’s kind of dull and unoriginal that the bad guys have the president’s husband, we’ll go with it. If nothing else, the acting was good.  President Taylor  showed some raw emotion tonight when they announced they were holding Henry ransom, but she held it together.  I especially appreciated her for asking how she could possibly withdraw troops for her husband when she wouldn’t withdraw troops for the 300 people on those airplanes the terrorists rammed into each other. Thank GOD they are not making her a total wuss, and Kudos to Cherry Jones for a great performance!

I also couldn’t help but laugh at Dubaku proving to the president that he’s serious about killing her husband. “Cut off his finger,” he orders blandly, like he’s asking someone to pass the salt.

Pssh, haven’t they done this like ten times? Or am I just thinking of Syriana?

I remain impressed with Renee’s guts.  She got up this morning  a regular, ambitious, little law-abiding FBI agent clearly into her do-gooder boss. It’s not even quitting time yet, and she’s pushed on a guy’s gunshot wound and messed with his ventilator, and now she’s holding a mommy and baby at gunpoint, and getting ready to hurt a baby if his father won’t tell Jack where the terrorists are holding “The First Gentleman”.  Damn! Jack may very well have met his match!

It was kind of nice that they made her look a little rattled at having actually thought about hurting Vossler’s baby (haven’t a conscience is always good)…but I gotta admit, when she got all weepy and told Jack that she was finished with this kind of work…tomorrow… I was more than ready to see her reembrace the  “Whatever it takes” mantra.

(I know this is a little off-subject, but can you imagine if she and Jack had a kid together, and someone bullied him/her? Holy crap!)

Unfortunately, I’m guessing Renee’s new bad girl side isn’t going to be the biggest turn-on for straight-laced Larry. Which is kind of  a shame, because they seem like they’d be cute together…but, eh, it’ll work out eventually…if one of them doesn’t die.

I like Larry. He’s kind of a big teddy bear of nerdiness. He’s such a by-the-books kind of guy that it’s hard to imagine him being covert about anything…(Hmmm…I wonder if that means he’s going to turn out to have been the leak in the FBI…)

I love when Renee calls him and says “You can’t let anyone know I’m alive, do you understand?”…and the first thing he says in reply is “Renee?”

Way to go, ace! Subtle!

Meanwhile,  Erika’s skirt looks shorter than ever (*snore*) and I nearly snorted with laughter when she turned to Sean and said “I’m sensing distance between us.” Meanwhile, Janis is looking still frumpier, but otherwise, not contributing much to the day– aside from harrassing Sean with the fact that it’s obvious he’s sleeping with Erika.

Someone give me a reason to care…

In other news, it seems we’re going to be seeing more of Dubaku’s diner-waitressing, lasagna-making girlfriend.  I don’t know what it is about that guy, but he creeps me out. He’s on the phone with her trying to sound all honey-sweetie, and he’s still creepy.  I can’t imagine talking to him, period,, not to mention making him lasagna and acting all flirty!

Apparently Marika’s got a sister who isn’t a big fan of him either, even though he pays their rent. (I wonder what that’s about…)

It made me a giggle that she’s going to try to blackmail him into breaking up with her sister by telling him she knows he’s not in the country legally.  Yeah, good luck with that, sister. This guy already killed 300 people today…  I don’t think he gives a crap about what’s legal and what’s not.

…But apparently he does, at least a little bit, because after this conversation, he leaves the sketchy basement where he and a bunch of assorted goons with machine guns are lounging on battered sofas and cutting off Henry Taylor’s fingers to “take care of a problem.”

I may be wrong about this, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that when Marika finds out “Samuel” ain’t comin’ over for lasagna because he’s actually killing people and planning to take over a country, she’s going to be a little bit pissed. Elizabeth Nash, anyone?


And of course…not long after he LEAVES the premises…Jack and Renee storm the place to rescue Taylor…and kill a bunch of guys with machine guns….again…

But in a last minute twist, one of them shoots Henry (who was looking remarkably calm for someone in the middle of a shootout), and he collapses to the floor. Now what?

They can’t kill Henry Taylor off– can they? I’m thinking not… at least not without him getting that memory stick to someone…

Where the hell is that thing anyway? Does he still have it? In all this drama I sort of lost track!

Someone had better know where it is! That would be an entire plot line flushed down the toilet! 😛

I’m ready for 4-5 pm!

Patrick says:

I was so happy the corrupt secret service agents are dead- I was afraid they would say that the First dude must of killed them and keep the corruption storyline in play… even though we still can’t trust anyone.

Best guess on who’s the mole in the FBI? I think it’s the hot chick screwing around with Sean.

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