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{February 13, 2009}   Wait, WHAT?

A few years ago, I was one of the many women out there who fell in love with 13 Going on 30, the Jennifer Garner movie about Jenna,  an 80s tween who makes a wish at her 13 birthday party to become 30, and then wakes up in a New York City apartment only to find that she is exactly that!

Lost at having skipped the past 17 years, Jenna immediately calls her best friend, Matt, AKA, Matty, only to discover in horror that she and “Matty” are no longer friends because she ditched him after her 13th birthday party in order to join the A group.

Slowly, Jenna realizes she made a terrible mistake all those years ago in trying to be popular, and that she doesn’t like who she became as an adult. So she’s trying to make “new” Jenna into a better person. In doing so, of course, she finds herself falling in love with Matt, in spite of the fact that he’s now engaged to someone else.

So ANYWAY– there’s this cute little scene in the moving involving dancing and flowers and smiling and giggling, and it’s accompanied by Liz Phair singing “Why Can’t I?”

Why can’t I breathe whenever I think about you?

Why can’t I speak whenever I talk about you?

Awwww!!! …

So I love this song. I listen to it on Pandora, and sometimes I sing it when I think no one’s listening. And for the longest time, I associated it with ooey-gooey love and butterflies and warm fuzzy feelings.

And then the other day I looked up the lyrics.

Just for a lark.

Here we go, we’re at the beginning

We haven’t f*cked yet, but my head’s spinning!”

Excuse me, but WHAT?!

It’s inevitable…

It’s a fact that we’re going to get down to it

I’m sorry. Are we talking about SEX?! 🙂

WHAT just happened?? Where is the LOVE?! Where are the BUTTERFLIES?

Now let’s just be clear.  Don’t start rolling your eyes and being all like “What a prude!”  or “Chill out! People have sex! So what?!”

It’s cool. I get it. I sort of know how these things go. It’s just that it was such a cute little fun song! A song about having a crush on somebody and not being able to stop thinking about them…

This reminds me of the time someone at my lunch table told me what Like a Prayer is really about.

“Think about it! ‘I’m down on my knees; I wanna take you there’….???”

“NO..that’s not what she’s..!”



It’s not that I’m all horrified that people talk about sex. I’m pretty liberal, and I really think people shouldn’t be so ridiculous about sex and sex education and all that…so it’s not that I’m super uptight…it’s just that I LIKE my cute little bubblegum poppy songs! Why can’t they just be cute?? 🙂

Rachel says:

This is one of the things I love about Liz Phair. If you listen to the whole album that this song is from, the lyrics are pretty raunchy accompanied by great pop hooks. I fall somewhere in the middle on this song. It’s not just about a crush, and it’s not just about sex. It’s about the anticipation of having sex with that person you just can’t stop thinking about and you know it’s gonna be great because of their crush status. Which is still pretty cute and butterfly-inducing. 🙂 Love the blog btw. Just discoved it.

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