Anonymiss in DC

{February 24, 2009}   24 Season 7, 4-5 pm

Hmm.  I knew I shouldn’t have watched 5-6 pm before this one, but I couldn’t help it!

Over at the White House, where the President’s just heard her husband’s been shot,  Bill seems mighty ready to jump on the chance to get his government clearance back and take over her security detail. It’s starting to look more and more like he’s going to turn out to be more bad-ass than the peach fuzz on his chin, but I’m hoping I’m just being paranoid about that, because I’m a fan of Bill and his new look.

Anyone else think it’s strange that at 3:55 pm, the President was starting to have a meltdown, and now that it’s 4:05, she’s back to snipping at the people in her office? It seems a little bit too quick of a change.

“Whatever it takes, I want that son of a Bitch found!she barks at Ethan dramatically. She’s then echoed by this weird semi-patriotic, Fantasia-esque background music.  (Did they always play this, or was I just in Disney World one day too long? It’s kind of humorous!)

Apparently no more lasagna for Marika either; she’s planning to head off with her actually-a-psychopath boyfriend to his house in… Belize. He’s sending a car for her, and he DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO ARGUE with her.

Wow. Belize?!

Who is this guy?

Didn’t she find anything a little bizarre and somewhat troubling about him BEFORE Jack and Renee busted her door in? (Of course, back at the convenience store basement, Renee and Jack discovered some bank accounts of Dubaku’s that were registered to Marika’s address.  *yawn*)

By the way, it’s broad daylight in downtown Washington, DC– there was just a barrage of machine gun fire– and there are now like five dead thugs on the floor of a basement, the husband of the president of the United States is bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest, and there are, let me see…. 2 police cars, and 1 ambulance (with 2 paramedics) on the scene?

Where the hell is everybody?! Where are the passerbys? Where are the local news channels? Where are, I don’t know, the other five thousand police cars, and the guys running around with the little earpieces? How is it possible that there’s no one around taking pictures, putting up yellow “Police Line” tape, collecting evidence….just Jack and Renee?

Yay 24. 😛

Back to Dubaku– it’s kind of a nice surprise that it seems like he actually DOES care about Marika– even if he’s totally creepy– and he’s not just toying with her for intel, and in this case, a domestic mailing address.  The using-the-emotionally-unstable-woman-who-is-madly-in-love-with-you thing has been done one too many times on this show…it’s nice to introduce at least a little bit of variety. Then again, I’m not sure why they’re bothering with it…

….Of course!…other than the fact that using the innocent girlfriend as the means of getting to Dubaku is sure to make Renee feel even worse about what she’s done today…

Ugh. I’m really sick of weepy Renee. Can she just either have a nervous breakdown already, or just stay a bad-ass? It’s past getting old. We get that this kind of work is stressful and may make people do terrible things for purposes of achieving a goal.  We get that people like Jack have been conditioned to having to do terrible, inhumane things for the greater good…blah blah blah… we get that Larry’s a big fan of the straight and narrow, that he thinks she’s going to have a moment of reckoning for the blood now literally on her hands…

In other news, this government insider guy who Dubaku’s now dealing with is a terrible, terrible actor. He kind of looks slick, but I’m not really convinced. He  doesn’t look particularly concerned that Dubaku realizes he’s got people with him at the hotel ready to follow him and kill him, or that Dubaku has plans to reveal the names of everybody involved if he doesn’t get safely to Belize with Marika.  In fact, he looks like he’s getting ready to walk off the set and drink a latte…

I was kind of laughing when Chloe pulls up with Morris at FBI headquarters with her kid in the back.  I love how you never know quite how much time it’s been between seasons. It seems like 10 minutes ago, Chloe was passing out, and telling Morris, “Yes, it’s serious. I’m pregnant.”

The only thing that would have made this little clip better would have been if she got out of a minivan. Maybe a minivan with two kids in the back. And she could have accidentally grabbed a diaper bag instead of a computer bag and have had to rush back to the car to swap it…

But I digress.

(By the way, is her kid’s name Prescott?  Like Milo Prescott? Oh jeez.)

I love the “What the hell” looks Janis shoots Chloe as Larry’s setting her up as “a Homeland consultant”.  Having the two of them in one place could make for some fun nerd-to-nerd drama, if the writers play it right. It was kind of funny that Janis’s meddling temporarily interrupted Chloe’s tracking of the car carrying Marika…

I also kind of enjoyed Chloe’s line about how dumb whoever setup the FBI network was, and Larry’s looking nonplussed and announcing that he set it up.  There’s just one problem: Larry doesn’t look like he could program a VCR, nevermind an FBI firewall. Seriously.

Obviously, in spite of her meddling ways, Janis wasn’t going to be the FBI mole, and it’s pretty awesome that Sean is.  That five o’clock shadow just under the surface of his skin (he must have to shave every 5 minutes), the hair expertly slicked back…the fact that he’s having an affair with the blond chick in the too-short skirt who seems insecure about their relationship…

It’s perfect!

What else, what else…

I’m rolling my eyes at Olivia “I-am-super-high-powered-without-my-family-connections” Taylor, who’s in the middle of pitching her own hard-earned business skills to some slippery-looking businessman who’s really just hoping to use her family connections to get influence in the Oval Office, when a Secret Service guy sent by Bill shows up out of nowhere to take her to see her father in the hospital..

And it’s Aaron! (Yay, Aaron! This is hilarious! It’s like a reunion! I love Aaron!)

Anyway, Olivia looks like she’s going to be quite a handful…apparently she and her mom aren’t exactly bosom buddies. Nothing like a little mother-daughter drama!…

Back to Renee, I know I have the advantage of having seen the next episode already, but please, they’ve made it totally obvious that Marika’s going to be toast before the end of the next hour, and that Renee’s going to have another little guilt festival. “You keep her safe; you hear me?” Rosa says to her as they’re walking Marika downstairs to Dubaku’s driver. “We will,” Renee responds solemnly. Dun dun dun. That’s it for Marika!

The only question remaining at this point is whether she’s going to have one of those “How could you do this to me?!” moments with “The Butcher of Sengala” (LOL) before she dies.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t get through another hour without Jack barking at  Renee, who’s not too keen on using Marika to find Dubaku:  “We don’t have another option!”

This line’s getting to be like “Damnit!” for me.  It just sort of makes me giggle. Maybe it could be a new line for a Jack Bauer drinking game.

Patrick says:

You need to catch up so I have somebody to rant about it with!

anonymissindc says:

ok, it’s finally updated (at least 4-5 pm!) i’m working on it!!

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