Anonymiss in DC

{March 5, 2009}   24 Season 7, 5-6 pm

This is a good one!  I’m not saying it’s not predictable– I think I’ve just been watching this show too long for that– but it is pretty intense! Love it!

First off,  I love the fact that the dumb-blonde, emotionally unstable girlfriend of Sean-the-bad-ass is involved in all this…. although it’s immediately obvious that she’s a liability and will likely be “eliminated”, as the lingo goes…

Back to good-girl Renee, who’s freaking out about getting Marika away from Dubaku. “She’s not an asset, Jack! She’s a human being!”

Oh come on. Seriously. Enough already.

Luckily,  this little tete a tete gets interrupted by a pretty awesome crash scene. (Now we’re getting to the good stuff!)  First Jack and Renee are in a crash in their high-speed pursuit…then  Marika– realizing Jack and Renee aren’t keeping up with Dubkau’s car anymore– grabs the wheel of the car from Dubaku, and starts steering, but the car flips over dramatically,  smashes into the pavement on its side, and bursts into flames. Jack and Renee practically jump to the scene,  Jack tells Renee they have to “GET OUT OF THERE” before the car blows, but she points his gun at him and says she gave Rosa her word she’d get Marika out safely.

Oh jeez.

Jack, looking distinctly displeased, decides to help her get Marika out of the car before she has another meltdown…and they do, just before the jeep explodes quite impressively. But it’s too late for Marika, of course. The sad music starts for Renee, who is futilely giving CPR to Marika…meanwhile,  Jack’s standing there screaming about needing an ambulance for Dubaku before they lose him.

Over at the hospital, Ethan’s giving the now-very-distraught, guilt-ridden president a pretty impressive report of how US forces have encountered no resistance, are liberating camps in Sengala….and basically, everything’s perfect. (Obviously a big storyline twist is in the works, because things are wrapping up here). Bill comes in to say they have Dubaku, who is critically injured, and may be their only link to finding the corrupt US agents. Hmmm…

Meanwhile back with the ambulances, Jack’s delivering an ultimatum to the paramedics:  he wants Dubaku made conscious so he can scare the hell out of him.  “DO IT” he barks.  Obviously no one can say no to that. Dubaku gets some epinephrine and becomes semi-conscious, and Jack threatens to kill his family if he doesn’t help him uncover the government conspiracy. He says something about making them suffer and making them know he was responsible.  Dubaku says he has a list of names….but of course, his eyes roll back in his head and he goes into cardiac arrest.

When the medics say some kind of metal plate is interfering with shocking him, Jack gets the idea that Dubaku has the list implanted somewhere in his body, so he grabs something sharp, cuts him open, and rips out what is obviously a blood-covered “digital storage device” (even though Jack says he’s never seen anything like it).

Next, Jack, who’s been pretty damn insistent about not having any options or anyone to trust–  hands the card off to some random officer walking by and says to give it to Larry Moss– and no one else. Umm, sure, Jack. I mean I guess the changes of this random officer  guy being involved are pretty slim, right?

Back at the FBI– Sean is getting a little nervous about someone getting their names off the data chip Jack recovered, so he tells Erika, who promptly goes ape and starts pacing about the room in a rant.  “I’m not going to jail! You promised me we’d be ok! You promised me you’d leave your wife!”… (ha– we knew THAT was coming…) Luckily for him, he calms her down, gets a little kissy-kissy with her, and talks her into crashing some servers for him so the FBI can’t access the files on that drive. They move to the server room, where, after a small hiccup, Erika gets the job done and the files start getting deleted. (Cut to Bill and Chloe flipping out.)  Happy its done, Sean gives Erika a sexy kiss up against the wall and promptly shoots her in the abdomen– point-blank.  In a truly creepy manner, he maintains eye contact with her as she slowly collapses to the floor. Eww!! What a creep!

Once satisfied she’s dead, he shoots himself in the arm for good measure– just in time for Larry to show up with a gun. “It wasn’t me!” he insists to Larry, starting to mumble crap about how he caught Erika in there and how she shot him.

He then asks Larry what’s going on and Larry recaps the whole situation for him, and says he’s sorry he didn’t trust him. I think to myself, “Well this is getting interesting…he’s a total slug, and he’s not going to get caught. At least this loose end isn’t going to get tied up this hour.”

But, umm– whoops. I forgot that Chloe’s on the case, and that Chloe is awesome, whereas Erika was a moron. Within like 2 minutes, Chloe calls up Larry and says she’s figured out a way to recover the files.  Duh!

Then  Larry, who’s always subtle, hangs up the phone and tells Sean they recovered the files. “That’s great,” Sean says, looking like he’s about to yack.  He’s starts semi-calmly making it for the exit, but it’s too late.  They’ve got his name, and he’s busted.

“Take him to holding!” Larry bellows.

Well, so much for that loose end. We don’t need Dubaku anymore because we got the files, bad-ass Sean is in custody, and the U.S. invasion of Sengala was successful.  And yet the day’s not over. So now what?

Oh, right.

Now that Jack and Renee are done with the drama for another five minutes, Renee’s getting close to having yet another meltdown about using people, doing terrible things, etc.

“You killed my sister!” a distraught Rosa sobs, because of course, Renee felt like she had to be the one to deliver the bad news that Marika didn’t make it.  “I trusted you with her life!”

And here comes the meltdown.  Weepy Renee starts arguing with Jack about not feeling anything, about always letting the means justify the ends… she even brings up the fact that Jack lost his own wife to this work…

which prompts him to let out another classic Jack Bauer line: “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

…which prompts her to get even more emotional and vulnerable:

“I just want to know that you feel something! I want to know that you feel the same kind of pain I do!” she says, wacking Jack across the face a couple times. “Do you feel that?!” Jack finally grabs her hand and she starts sobbing on his shoulder. He puts an arm around her.

I’m pretty sure they’re about to start making out, just like that time  in the hallway at CTU that Michelle started crying to Tony, but apparently that ain’t happening… yet. Jack tells her she’ll be ok, but she pulls away from him and says maybe she doesn’t want to be. He’s had enough, so he starts to leave.

“By the way,” he says, “That stuff you pulled by the car? If you ever pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to use it.”

“I did,” she says, presumably giving him a steely-eyed glare to let him know she means it.

Ooooh. Tension.  Jack’s not quite sure how to handle this, but he clearly belives her.  He sort of rolls his eyes and heads for the exit.

Yup, they are definitely going to hook up.

Now that that all that’s over,  it’s time to see where we’re going for the rest of the day.

We cut to the president having her first interaction with her snippy daughter, but fortunately, this is interrupted by Bill, who says they’re starting to arrest the 100+ moles in the government and that the conspiracy is finally at an end.  President Taylor thanks Bill, who then takes the opportunity to make a plea for Jack, who’s going to be fried by the Senate committee– and Senator Mayer in particular– first thing tomorrow morning.  Bill says Mayer’s on a “personal crusade” and that Jack doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison. Could she talk to him? She says she’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, after a slight trumpet fanfare (I kid you not) we cut to the man of the hour sitting on a park bench. It’s sunset. Tony shows up and says they need to talk. He says another “high impact” strike in DC is imminent. Jack says it’s all over– they’ve got Dubaku and his list, but Tony says it’s not Dubaku– it’s his boss– Juma– and he’s planning an attack to get his people rallied behind him.

Jack, who’s pissed Tony hasn’t turned himself in yet– says to tell the FBI, but Tony, of course, says there’s not time for that.

And here’s the kicker– Senator Mayer’s Chief of Staff, Ryan Burnett,  is involved in the planning of this attack.

“You better not be lying to me, Tony,” Jack says in his usual cranky manner. But then he says Burnett will probably be on Dubaku’s list, so he’s probably about to make a run for it… there’s not much time…

“I need your help,” Tony says– telling Jack if he’s with him, to meet him at the corner of 1st and Constitution.  He heads off, and Jack’s sitting there, looking thoughtful.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch– err, the White House–  Taylor’s just called Mayer’s office and asked him to come over for a chat about Jack Bauer.  Mayer wants Burnett to come along.

I think we all know where we’re headed next.

I was a little surprised they tied up everything so neatly, but hopefully this new chain of events will be equally exciting.  I hope they can keep up the pace!

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