Anonymiss in DC

{March 5, 2009}   Fun times

It seems like I’m always getting myself into dicey situations, without even trying.

Yesterday it’s about 7:30 pm– not exactly 2 in the morning– and I’m on my way home.  I’ve gotten off the train, and I’m walking home, chit-chatting on my cell phone with a friend to pass the time, when I hear this guy walking behind me yelling into his headset something like “Hey mutt! What’s up?”

But whatever, you know, strange things happen…I’m minding my own business… and I just keep going. Then I hear him say something like “Hold on, I gotta get this lady to fix this for me.” So I’m still walking, but I may have glanced over my shoulder. Next thing I know, this guy’s  all like “Hey! I need you to help me with this!”

He proceeds to thrust his Discman into my hands before I know what the heck is going on. I say “Umm, I’m not really sure how to work it”, but he insists:  “I need you to go back to a different song. The buttons are on the side, I just can’t see them.”

It is at this point I realize that this guy REEKS of alcohol. Of course he can’t see. It’s a wonder he can walk.

Trying to get away, I hit the back button twice, hear that the track’s changed, and say “There you go.” But he says “No, do it again.”

So I do it again, so it goes back another song. He’s like “Again! Just do it!”

So I do it again, and this time I’m finally like “Here. This is good…” and hand it back to him.

He listens for a sec, and says “You done good.”

Slightly unnerved, I turn around and start power-walking towards the entrance to my apartment complex…

I think I heard him saying something into his phone about how some lady fixed his Discman, but now she was running away from him…and I think he may have yelled something at me like “I just wanted you to fix my music! Whatchoo doin’?” …

I swear. How do I get myself into these situations?!!

Who’s trashed at 7:30 on a Wednesday night? And who just throws their Discman at random passerby and demands they change the song?

Patrick says:

Ugh almost as creepy as the homeless guys who walk up to me and yell at me for not giving them money.

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