Anonymiss in DC

{March 11, 2009}   24 Season 7: 6-7 pm

Sorry I am behind…

Random Thoughts:

Sengala City is a city in Sengala? HA. I love the creativity, people.

I’m loving the first interactions between Chloe and Janis. I’m loving Chloe’s eye-rolling.  I love Chloe (obviously.) And even though I know the point was for me to be annoyed with Janis for using her nerdy aptitude to bust Chloe for messing with the data on Dubaku’s “digital storage device”, I’m still annoyed with her. I can’t help it! I kind of want to punch her for Chloe. Chloe still looks pretty non-plussed, even as they’re dragging her off to holding. I can’t decide if that’s awesome, or if I think it’s not really in-character, considering what’s now at stake…

In other news…

I feel like everything that Jack has said tonight has all been a cliche. “DO IT! NOW!” …”I DIDN’T HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE!” “WHERE’S THE TARGET?” I’m laughing in spite of myself. “I can use this thing 128 more times before the battery dies,” he barks at Burnett, showing him the tazer gun he yoinked off a White House security guard. And he knows this why?

And frying the White House intercom with the tazer gun before returning to interrogating Burnett with it? That was a nice touch. I love Jack Bauer.

I also love President Taylor. “Let me talk to him. I know him,” says Senator Taylor about his Chief of Staff, who was starting to spill attack details when Jack’s interogation got interrupted.  “Obviously, you don’t,” she snips back. HA! I also love how she gets all up in Burnett’s face like “YOU ARE GOING TO TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT YOU KNOW.” Hoorah for strong women on 24!

Which reminds me…this may be the first hour in quite some time that Renee hasn’t pissed me off! It’s quite refreshing! No meltdowns! She’s actually sharp. She figured out that something was up at the hospital, which frankly, I thought would take a lot longer, and she’s found the bad guys in some creepy drippy warehouse-looking place on the water. (Not really sure where exactly that would be, seeing as it looks like they’re supposed to be near the Tidal Basin, but I’m letting that slide.)

And folks, we’ve found the weakest link. Dubaku’s son– haven’t caught his name but he looks a lot younger and much more innocent than the other thugs– is on Juma’s attack squad, and he wants to know where his daddy is and why he can’t get in touch with him. “I just talked to him,” Juma says.  “He’s fine!” Ah-ha! Boy is this kid gunna be pissed when he figures out that Juma had somebody inject Daddy with something that killed him.

Unfortunately, it was completely and utterly obvious when Renee showed up on the scene that this kid was going to be the one to detect her presence…I assume by 7:10 he’ll have her at gunpoint and she’ll talk him out of killing her…maybe even get him to join Team Jack… but again, whatever… at least it’s exciting! (Anyone else love the fact that rather than kick her ass with a machine gun, he used a floaty raft to chase her to a big pile of rocks? And by the way– those rocks?! Where the hell did those come from?)

I did think it was rather clever that Renee fried her cell phone in her flailing leap from the doc onto the bad guys’ shrimping boat (which, of course, went undetected– how you could not hear that, we’ll never know.) I was expecting someone to grab it from her and smash it, or tell her to call the FBI with it and give them misinformation, or something. But instead, I was like “oooooh…that sucks”. For a split sec I thought: “No worries, Renee! Take the battery out and let it dry for a while! It might work again!” (I read that on WikiHow, since apparently, dropping cell phones in sinks, toilets, etc., is a fairly common occurrence.) Except that she jumped back in the water. Not sure if that let-it-dry-out trick works after prolonged submersions… like, you know, when you start swimming.

Even though the political commentary has been pretty annoying to date, I think it was actually well done this hour. It’s kind of annoying that they’ve made Senator Mayer kind of a sniveling, vindictive little jerk, when they could have presented him as an impassioned human rights activist, but, after all, it’s still Fox. Besides that, I thought it was really interesting that the torture thing literally went from hypothetical/out-of-sight to down the hallway in the White House… and it was pretty thought-provoking when Taylor realized that to get Burnett to talk, she might have to grant him immunity, while Bauer– who would have gotten life-saving intel out of him if he’d just had a few more minutes alone with Burnett and the tazer gun– would have to go to jail.

Also interesting was Taylor’s realization that Jack has now become a symbol: he is the epitome of letting the ends justify the means in American intelligence. Mayer’s right…there’s no way to let the case against Jack just sort of fizzle out. He is the public face of torture, even if his actions have saved hundreds, even thousands of lives.

I think they’re prepping us: in the end, Jack’s going to be the sacrificial lamb.

Anybody else a little suspicious of Ethan? He’s getting more and more screen time, and the president is trusting him more and more. So I’m putting the question out there: Is he an Aaron Pierce, or is he a Walt Cummings? Only time will tell…

Oh, and one final thought: Since when can you get underneath the White House…and in scuba gear?!

Patrick says:

I’m trying to catch myself up and I just saw this one- I can’t wait to see all the WH action, we can say- hey I was in that room before they blew it up!

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