Anonymiss in DC

{March 20, 2009}   Way to go, Obama

So for some reason, Obama thought it would be ok to say he bowled a 129– and that that was  “like the Special Olympics.”

Umm. Ok, ignoring the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever bowled over a 100 without bumpers– exactly what was he thinking was going to happen when he said that? Did he think that because he was having a casual chat with a pretty laid back guy, late at night, that it would be ok?!

I realize nobody’s perfect; I sure as hell could never be president. I seem to be really good at accidentally offending people…(like the time I told my uncle that the last thing I could ever major in would be business– business people seem to only care about money– and then he told me that he majored in business…. or the time I went to visit my brother at work and told him he looked really lame with his nametag pinned on his hat, only to discover that ALL of his multiple coworkers within hearing range  had their nametags on their on their hats, too)…

but I’m also not the president of the United States.

I’m kind of flabbergasted by this little “slip” of his.

For a minute, I tried coming up with all kinds of excuses for him…you know, like,  Did he really just mean to say that it was “special”– and not mean to say “Special Olympics”? I mean, maybe it was innocent and he didn’t know what “Special Olympics” is!

But then I remembered that (1) Barack Obama isn’t an idiot; and, (2) that we just spent the last year or so talking about what a “gifted orator” he is.

So unfortunately, I think the answer is that he just got caught with his pants down.

So what, right? Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfectly “good”, everybody jokes around… the guy is human…

…but I can’t help it, I’m a little mad at him (and no, not just because he thinks 129 is a terrible bowling score.)   I’m miffed because that was a cheap shot. That’s a cheap shot at children with intellectual disabilities. (That’s 2 problems).  And he’s a president all about respect and equality and cooperation…

And ok…here’s where you’ll really understand why I’m mad:

Not that this even matters, but just because someone participates in the “Special Olympics” doesn’t mean that they are intellectually slow. (If they are, that’s no reason to make fun of them, but I guess I’m feeling a little hostile because a very smart, very capable person who is very dear to my heart was diagnosed at a young age with an attention deficit problem, and  he participated in Special Olympics as a child.)

So, not so good, Barack. I’m kind of upset with you. You hit a sore point with me.

Try harder next time.



I wouldn’t be too hard on the guy. He was trying to make a joke, and all of us (by which I mean many of us, but I’ll generalize and say this about everyone) lets things like that slip occasionally. Insult is often the basis of humor, but that doesn’t mean that an insult like that comes from our foundational belief system.

In that light, I don’t really think you can call it a cheap shot, because I don’t think he was taking a shot. Maybe it was a cheap misfire.

anonymissindc says:

I know, I know… I feel kind of bad about my bitterness…it does happen, and in all honestly,I can’t say something similar would never slip out of my mouth…
…so don’t hate me 🙂 I just (1) can’t help but be a little offended because of the fact that someone I know and love once participated in Special Olympics…AND (2) because I’m disappointed in Obama! However irrational it is, I just plain want him to be perfect all the time, because I believe in him, and I want him to be successful… and saying stuff like that is obviously not going to do him any favors.

Well, that’s understandable. 🙂

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