Anonymiss in DC

{March 24, 2009}   24 Season 7, 10-11 pm

Well, even though this episode wasn’t as exciting as the last couple, I suppose that’s inevitable, and even though it started out kind of “blah”, it definitely picked up there towards the end.

Let’s start with the mostly boring stuff. Ethan finds out Mayer got murdered and that Jack probably did it. He’s really upset that he authorized Jack’s release, and tells the president he needs to resign to shield her presidency. They have this touching emotional goodbye– she takes his hand and all that. I’m still not convinced there’s not more going on between them, but I could be wrong.

Olivia comes to apologize to Ethan for what happened as he’s packing up his stuff, which kind of suggests that she, in fact, is the bad guy. Once Ethan heads out, she calls her press contact and we find out she was, in fact, the leak! What a little rat! In fairness, it seems like the leak business was for purposes of protecting her mother…so that may mean she’s just a meddling obnoxious brat… and not actually evil (AKA helping the terrorists.) So that means somebody else– maybe Ethan– could be the actual “mole” we haven’t found yet, but I confess I’m not sure! Awesome 🙂

Jack and Tony head over to the port to try to intercept the shipment of biological weapons before they can be transported to the bad guys. Upon arrival, they discover that the guy in charge tonight was bribed to keep the yard open for the bad guys. But he has an excuse: his wife is very pregnant with twins (the show actually features a conversation between he and his wife during which time she’s patting her belly and saying “the girls” miss their daddy) and they apparently have some serious debts from the fertility treatments. He just wants to take care of his family… blah blah blah.

Oh, boy. Here we go. This was obviously going to be Jack’s moment of reckoning. For the first time today, Jack can’t think of this guy as expendable– as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. He promises him he’ll watch his back, and you can tell he means it.

While I sympathize with the guy and all– he clearly didn’t know what he was getting himself into– I can’t help rolling my eyes at this whole attempt to show how Jack’s interaction with Renee has made him a better guy– almost a humanitarian. Please. He’s Jack freakin’ Bauer.

To my amusement, this is pretty much Tony’s reaction, too. He’s like “Jack, that guy was dead the minute he let them in” (or something like that.) But Jack cares! He CARES!

The guys are loading the weapon into the truck, and Jack and Tony were going to follow it surreptitiously and save the world. But hold up: when one of the thugs takes the “almost new daddy” guard off to shoot him now that he’s served his purpose, Jack goes all sniper and kills him to save the guard’s butt.  I wasn’t really convinced he’d get out of there alive anyway, since Jack was about to start a serious stand-off with the rest of the bad guys, but I guess we’re not supposed to think about him now. The point was made: Jack has a conscience.  How touching!

Except, you know, now he’s screwed everything up and the bad guys know they are there.  After a few minutes of exciting gunfire, Tony covers Jack so Jack can make a run for it and jump onto the truck carrying the weapon as it’s pulling out. This,  of course, meant Tony was screwed, and sure enough, he gets caught by the thugs. Rut roh!


Somewhere during all this, Larry calls Renee in her holding cell. It seems he’s starting to figure out that Jack was set up and didn’t kill Mayer. Renee tells him why he was over at Mayer’s in the first place and about the connection between Juma and Starkwood….Larry actually seems interested in listening to rationality for once.

Jack quickly knocks everybody out of the truck and conveniently decides to call Larry for backup. He’s all like Larry, I don’t care if you shoot me, get someone to take care of this truck of biological weapons, and save the world. Larry, having just talked to Renee, says ok, he’s sending CDC.

Jack at some point starts hearing weird noises, pulls over, and notices that the trailer’s been damaged and has gaping holes in it. He looks inside one and sees that one of the canisters of the weapon is leaking. He gasps, then nobly goes inside the trailer– holding his breath– and fixes it from leaking. He gets out, coughs a little, gasping for fresh air…and is greeted by a barrage of gunfire. He goes all Jack Bauer and goes off the road into a bunch of rocks to hide…and the bad guys fly over a big helicopter, attach it to the weapons, lift them out of there, and fly off.

Jack calls Larry and tells him he lost the weapons, and by the way, he’s been exposed to whatever that biological weapon was inside. (I know that’s not good, but I am actually kind of relieved that he noticed his exposure. When he went into the trailer to fix the canister and he held his breath I was thinking “Um, Jack, you DO realize holding your breath probably ISN’T going to save your ass?”)

But silly me, I forgot– Jack was saving the world–he knew that he was probably exposed already by being near the truck and seeing the gaping hole, but he wanted to prevent further release!

So now what? Jack’s obviously not going to die today, because there’s another season to go. Plus, they kind of already did the whole scary devastating biological agent thing in Season 3 (which was awesome, by the way.) So what’s the plan?  I mean there’s what, 9 episodes to go?  A lot could still happen…

P.S. I love how next week it looks like Jack is wrapped in either swaddling clothes or wearing a diaper 😛 This show is the best.

Patrick says:

Yes this show is the best- I’m finally almost caught up!

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