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{April 16, 2009}   Susan Boyle Dreamed A Dream

For those of you who have not heard all the hoopla about a certain Ms. Susan Boyle, you need to get up on it.

In just over a week, this video on YouTube has had over 9 million plays, and I will not admit how many of those hits came from my computer, except to say that it’s significant. 😛

Who is Susan Boyle? A 47-year old woman from a small town in Scotland, who is single, unemployed, never-been-kissed, and lives in government housing with her cat, Pebbles. She’s got poofy hair, burly eyebrows I’d love to wax, and she’s not Britney Spears.  She walked out on stage to perform on Britain’s Got Talent, and everyone looked ready to giggle.  Simon (Yes, as in Simon Cowell) rolled his eyes at her and the audience snickered, just waiting for her to fail.

And then she sang, and knocked everyone flat off their feet.

“I dreamed a dream in time gone by…”

And just like that, the judges’ jaws dropped, and the audience was on its feet cheering.  (She is incredible. I think she just might sing it better than Patti LuPone, or at least damn close.)

Piers Morgan said it was the biggest surprise in three years on the show. Amanda (wearing a fabulous outfit and sporting an amazingly adorable British voice) told her that everybody was against her– they were being really cynical– and that she was the biggest wakeup call ever. “I just want to say that it was a complete privilege listening to that.”

Even Simon said it was extraordinary. “Susan Boyle– you can go back to your village with your head held high– it’s 3 yeses!”

And she just lit up like a Christmas tree. She cheered, she blew kisses…  it was beautiful. She was absolutely stunning.

I know I exaggerate a lot, but I am not exaggerating on this one.  I have watched it at least ten times, and I have gotten chills up and down my spine every single time.  I also keep getting weepy.

Here’s one for Susan, and for everybody who never thought they’d ever be a somebody! Talk about the power of a dream.   I just want to hug her.

Carrie says:

Ok I’m tearing reading this!! But that could be because I just read this too:

Susan Boyle has apparently shamed the cynic in us all and for that I’m thankful. 🙂

anonymissindc says:

I LOVE her. She is my personal hero. She said she was going to make that audience rock— well Susan, you SURE did! You GO, girl!!

Carrie Clark says:

Oh my god…makes me cry every time…

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