Anonymiss in DC

{April 21, 2009}   24 Season 7, 1-2 am

Well it’s 1 am, and ain’t nobody going to sleep anytime soon, that’s for sure. Phew!

Guess what?? No Olivia this week! Boohoo, I’m so sad! (Not! There is, however, Kim.)

So Tony and Jack have figured out that the president called off the air strike on  after being threatened by Jonas.  Jack calls her up and tells her Tony can blow up the truck with the weapons in it. Because she can’t authorize it overtly, she says something uber subtle like “Jack, I know you’re dying. I trust you’ll do the right thing” and hangs up.

Everyone’s kind of like WTF, except Jack, who’s like “Don’t you get it?? She wants us to do this!” Miraculously, Renee, Tony, and even Larry, are down with the plan. (Really gives you the impression they just don’t care what happens to Larry, doesn’t it?)

Tony gets a guy at gunpoint to let him into the fuel room, where he plants explosives.  He comes back up to the surface where– far too predictably– he gets clubbed by some security guy who’d, naturally, gone on a “perimeter search” just before Tony nailed his buddy.  Tony falls to the ground and drops the trigger in a drain.  (Way to go Tony.)

He gets up again and does some kung fu, but one of the guys lets Starkwood know there’s a security breach before Tony can pummel him. On receiving the alert, the guy in the control room says there’s a government breach, and that they need to initiate the launch of the weapons.

The guy who is supposed to actually do this, though, seems a little weak-stomached, like “Umm, maybe we should double check this before we kill 10,000 people.” What a wuss, right? Luckily, the other guy doesn’t care, and he takes over. The rockets roar to life, and it looks like something serious is about to go down…or in this case, up. The thug on the ground, blood oozing from his nose, says with a grin:  “You’re too late.” (Nice touch.)

I’m at the edge of my seat thinking “Jeez, are we really going to do this again? Wasn’t there a nuclear bomb explosion last season?” … but at the last possible second, after wiggling his arm around in the drain, Tony manages to fish out the trigger and blow everything to pieces.


Meanwhile, Jonas and Seaton have shown up at the White House to discuss with the President their demands. They want Starkwood to have crazy high security clearance and have a seat at the table when it comes to all military operations.  They have color-copied protocol booklets, and they announce they’re going to review it section by section.  The president looks more bored than horrified, like “Are you kidding me? If you’re going to blackmail me, at least make it interesting!”

Blissfully, all this is interrupted when Jack calls up and announces to Taylor that Tony was successful in destroying the weapons. Relieved, Taylor orders her minions in to arrest Jonas and Seaton.  She shouts at Jonas that he’s a traitor and a murderer and she’s going to make sure he pays for it dearly. He looks k ind of freaked for a second, but as they’re dragging him out of there, he tells her he’s just one cog in the wheel, and that she has no idea how big this thing is.

Seriously?? Another bad guy? We’ve gone from Tony to Emerson to Dubaku to Juma to Jonas and now there’s going to be another bad guy? Has this show ever had one bad guy all the way through? !

Taylor tries to keep her cool. “Get them out of here!” she bellows, hoping to convince everybody she’s still the boss.

Well….I guess there are what, still like 6 hours to go?

Obviously destroying the weapons wasn’t going to be the end of it.  What was I thinking?

Now initiating plot twist 534324…

In other news, Kim is in the waiting room waiting to see Jack, who is pretty pissed at Renee for her meddling. I actually thought he was going to hit her for a second when he found out she called Kim. “She was in DC,” Renee says. “She was at the hearing this morning.”

Turns out Kim’s been trying to get in touch with him anyway.   Kim’s in a business suit (at 1 in the morning?) and she gets all weepy and “Oh Daddy, I’ve missed you so much” when she sees Jack. She seems upset with him when he tells her he doesn’t want her to go for the experimental treatment, but not upset enough to stick around.  Way to put up a fight for your one living parent, Kim. This doesn’t quite seem like something she’d be ok with…

Now that the smoke has cleared on the explosion, everyone’s talking about what a hero Tony is, and how sorry they are that he’s actually a wanted fugitive and needs to be taken into custody. Tony’s all “I’m ready to pay for what I’ve done,” and Jack’s trying to get the president to give Tony a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card (or something close.)

Which I guess I should have realized at the time was a bit over-the-top…

Since this is obviously not over seeing as it’s not even 2 am, and seeing as Jonas issued a kind of whiny “You don’t even know how big this thing is” line to the president…it was pretty clear something was going to go down. And it did. An FBI guy catches somebody trying to smuggle a spare canister of the nerve gas– err– biotoxin– out of the facility. One agent’s down. Larry’s in the helicopter all like “What?! Are you freaking kidding me?” And the guy says nope, he’s looking at it…at which point the bad guy “in custody” grabs the dead guy’s gun and makes himself useful. Craaaap. Houston, we have a problem.

The FBI folks are tracking the bad guy’s vehicle, and Tony and Larry put the chopper down to do the whole on-the-ground pursuit. Larry gets shot and starts falling backwards uber-dramatically.  He’s choking on blood trying to Tony to watch out– he’s about to get nailed too– but apparently Tony knows the guy, and signals to him that he’s got this one. Larry’s like “Oh, no” and his eyes bug out as he realizes he’s totally screwed. “Sorry, Larry,” says Tony. But he’s not, really, because he clamps his hand over his face and smothers him. Just when you think Larry’s eyes are going to bug out of his head, he stops blinking.

And another one bites the dust.

Brilliant! Tony’s evil again.


So what do you think?  I mean I know he has a motive and all–losing everything, including the love of his life…but he’s also TONY. We thought he was evil before, and he wasn’t (for a while), so it’s possible that he’s pretending to be evil again, and will actually turn out to be good, right? Maybe he knows the conspiracy runs deeper than this one canister, and so he’s got to continue playing the bad guy in order to bring the whole thing down. Maybe this is all a ploy to keep up with what the other bad guys are doing.

On the other hand, maybe he really did turn to the dark side, like we thought earlier today. This, I’m sure, would mean  Jack’s going to be the one to have to kill him. Didn’t he say that earlier today? Something like “I’ll kill you myself, and this time you’ll stay dead.” (What a fabulous line.  For a second there, I thought I was watching daytime.)

Or maybe we’re all going to be convinced he turned to the dark side, and Jack’s going to kill him, and then find out he was doing what he thought had to be done to save the world, and then Jack’s going to have another breakdown. That would suck. But I guess it’s possible.

I’ve been wondering for a while if they were going to kill Larry, but now that they actually did it, I’m honestly sad.  He was a pain in the butt, but he was coming around. And I thought he and Renee were totally cute together, even if it’s obvious that Jack and Renee have some serious “tension.”

Speaking of which, could this incident lead to more hysterical crying/slapping…and then making out…? I’m looking forward to watching how all this emotion plays out between Renee and Jack.

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