Anonymiss in DC

{May 28, 2009}   24 Season 7, 2-3 am

Whoops…forgot to click the publish button when I watched this. This may be my last official recap for the season (it’s too much effort:P), although I will write something up eventually about the ending and all that. For now, enjoy…:P

Anyway. So 2-3 am. Go!

I liked this one– way to add in new bad guys, freak us out about Tony, and make Jon Voight’s character/plotline make more sense.

Oh, and— way to keep us interested in the history between Renee and Larry, even though Larry’s now dead. Hands down, my favorite line of the night was Renee’s saying, on getting the news on Larry: “Somebody should call Larry’s ex wife…and it probably shouldn’t be me.”


They kind of threw that line into the mix so it was easy to miss, but for some reason that one caught my attention. Rut roh! Is Larry’s ex-wife going to show up and go all catfight blaming Renee– the “other woman” who ended her marriage– for not saving her partner?  I can’t really see what the point of that would be in the grand scheme of the plot, except possibly, making the day even worse for Renee, who would then need somebody’s (Jack’s) shoulder to cry on….but we’ll see. I’m just putting that one on the back burner for the time being.  Savin’ it for later.

Anyway, so we start out this episode with people we’ve never seen before. That’s kind of a nice touch. There’s a blond chick in a power suite getting ready to leave her apartment– she gets a call and says she’s flattered to have been called in to represent Jonas Hodges.  This all seems pretty routine. She’s on her way out, though, when a guy and a similarly-dressed woman come in. They spray her in the face with something– she collapses but her eyes are still open– and then they inject her with something in her hand.  The other lady– who, it is now obvious, is here to take her place– then steals her jewelry, glasses, and her ID. Meanwhile, the thuggy guy takes the original blonde and reads her thumbprint, then has nu-blonde stick her finger on the machine, which prints a little plasticky-sticker-thumbprint identical to original blond’s. Perfect.

Renee– more tears streaming down her face when she hears about Larry– looks completely stricken, and I feel really sorry for her. But like a good 24 heroine, when she finds out she’s now the ranking officer in charge, she goes with it with a vengeance: barking out commands, and screaming things like “Is that understood?!” like nobody’s business.

Of course, she also insists on going out to join the team in the field, in spite of what’s happened (It’s one of those “You don’t have to do this, Renee.”-“Yeah I do.” conversations).  This makes me wonder if she’s going to have a complete meltdown and/or blow an operation because she’s so emotional. (They love making emotional women screw things up on this show. Ask me if you can’t think of multiple examples!)

Apparently Jack is also concerned about Renee (or maybe he just knows that now that Larry’s dead no one’s keeping him at FBI– or maybe the writers finally figured out that we want Jack back in the action– not sitting around feeling sorry for himself). She just lost her partner, so he feels he has to go and help her out. (Since when does Jack owe anyone anything?)

Anyway, he hops in the field helicopter with Renee, who’s staring into space steely-eyed like she might crack at any moment. She’s kind of like “Jack, you’re too ill, you can’t come”, and he gives her a look like “Yeah, well, you’re too frickin’ emotional, so let’s not go there.” He mutters something about how if he gets in the way he’ll stand down, but he’s not getting out of the helicopter, and, just like that, Jack’s back in action. They end up having this semi-awkward convo in the helicopter where Jack actually slides over to be closer to her to try to comfort her about Larry…she snaps at him and tells him not to tell her how to feel…

blah blah blah….tension, tension, tension.


before the team can show up to the scene, born-again evil Tony sends the guy with the canister (AKA Robert Galvez, a Starkwood employee) off, saying that he’ll stick around FBI and talk him through getting out of the perimeter. He then shoots himself in the hand with one of the guns he’s amassed over the last couple of hours, and half-passes out on the ground near Larry. Galvez calls up and whines to Tony about the perimeter. Tony tells him to stay put and wait for his call. “I promise you: that canister you stole for me is worth a lot of money to the people I’m working for.”

Since when is this about money?

Meanwhile, back at the White House, good ole Olivia is back to her snakey ways.  The president says Jonas needs to be taken to FBI and interrogated for info on who he was working with, but Olivia is not a fan of this idea. She’s not having any of this “Maybe we can cut him a deal for immunity in exchange for information that could save a lot of lives.” I mean, forget it, Mom! He killed Roger (the President’s son).

Luckily, her mother is more rational and says basically you can’t always get what you want if you’re the president and you need to save lots of people. Olivia’s pissed. Obviously this isn’t over.

In his cell, Jonas is camping out when his “lawyer” shows up. He knows she’s not his lawyer, but he goes with it, asking the guard for some privacy. He coyly tells faux-Blondie he’s not going to ask how she got in, but he does want to know how she’s going to get him out of there.

Of course, this isn’t a friendly meeting. The canisters were intended for something much bigger than his temper tantrum about his company not being respected, and now Jonas no longer has a seat at the grown-ups table.  “That bioweapon that you developed for us was not intended for personal use,” she scolds.

So what was the plan before Jonas went rogue? And who the hell is this woman??

(As usual, I’m equally annoyed and intrigued that I don’t know!)

Jonas says he wants to talk to “them” about this but she says it’s a little late for that. However, she says, there’s no reason why his family should have to suffer because of his actions. He’s like “Oh, so you’re threatening my family now?” And she’s like “On the contrary, I’m here to protect your family…by giving you the chance to do the right thing.”

Which, by the way, sweetie, is threatening his family…

She passes him a magic red pill  that will cause cardiac arrest if he takes it (I love how it’s red-HA!). It won’t be detected in his blood stream, and he’ll maintain some of his dignity. The reputation of his company, moreover, will remain unscarred, which faux-Blonde says she knows is important to him. Jonas looks a little freaked, but pops the pill in his pocket just in time for his transfer to FBI. He’s led out in shackles.

In the car on the way to FBI,  Jonas discovers he served in Iraq with one of the guards. He asks him if he met any Starkwood-trained units while he was there.  “They were good men, sir. Well trained,” the guy responds. Jonas looks pathetically touched, like this was the last thing he needed to be at peace with his life. “You just made my day,” he says, before fumbling for the red pill.

He pops it, and he looks like he’s having a hard time swallowing it. ( I know *I* would! No water?!)

He’s having a really hard time. I’m actually thinking  “Oh my GOD…is he CHOKING??”…”Does he need the Heimlich?!”…

… when the guys in the front yell out “Quick! He’s in cardiac arrest!”…

…and I’m like “Oh. Right. Well, I guess that’s some fast-acting poison!”

(I’m trying not to notice that they just did the fastest diagnosis ever. They are off to get Jonas some emergency medical treatment!)

Cut to Renee, Jack et al. arriving at the perimeter. First things first:  Renee insists she needs to see Larry’s body. Jack greets Tony, says he’s glad he’s (mostly) ok.  (Tony, you schmuck! I hope you feel guilty!) Tony at least looks visibly startled that Jack’s there, but then again, he did just shoot himself…

Renee has to take a second to regroup after seeing Larry’s bloody chest and bloody face. Much stronger stomached, Jack checks out the body, too. Far from emotional about Larry,  he has a look on his face like “Wait a minute…something’s not right here…”

…and I’m thinking “Yes!! Jack’s going to figure it out!! Thank God!”

But I’m a little ahead of myself.  Jack’s not ready to rush to judgment.  And  I guess that makes sense.  I mean, remember when he thought Nina was evil, and then she actually wasn’t?…but then actually she was? (…Ok, probably not the best example.)

I want him to come out with something shocking like “Actually, a wound like this wouldn’t have caused death,” or “Clearly there was some kind of struggle here” or something like that, but  instead he demurely asks to hear Tony’s story–  in detail. Tony starts babbling about how they were ambushed, but when Jack’s looking at him quizzically and saying the bad guy must have had help, Tony mutters something about having blacked out. Jack looks distinctly unimpressed by the whole thing, and Tony looks like “Oh, sh!t. This story would have been fine if you hadn’t shown up.”

Things continue to unravel for Tony. Jack says the shells found don’t match what killed Larry…somehow figures out that  the bad guy must have had help, etc.  (Rattled Tony says something lame like “Oh, gee, I didn’t think of that, but yeah, you’re right.”) Jack gets a phone call from the person he was debriefing over at FBI who says he has a question about an inconsistency in something Jack told him about Tony’s alleged source…

And I’m still thinking, well, hell, maybe Tony is lying about all this, but maybe it’s for good. You know? Maybe he’s trying to keep tabs on the canister and bring down everyone involved in the conspiracy. Maybe he’s hoping it will find a cure for Jack. Maybe…

But then Tony calls up the guy with the canister and says he wants him to take the C4 he gave him, wire a building, lure as many FBI agents as possible into it, and then blow it to pieces.

Aaaand we’re back to the theory that Tony really has gone to the dark side, and that Jack’s going to have to be the one to take him down such that he’ll “stay dead.” Ok.

Even the guy with the canister is like “Umm, Tony, the point is to get out of this perimeter undetected. Blowing up lots of people seems kind of extraneous.” But Tony’s obviously pretty adamant.

And so of course, this evil comes to pass before Jack firmly puts all the pieces together. All the FBI agents are drawn into this building by Tony’s guy– calling in from the walkie of somebody who he just killed (yay for another overly bloodied body.) No one seems to notice that this agent has a different voice than he did a few minutes ago…

Luckily, just in time, Jack figures out it’s a trap because that guy’s transponder’s not inside the building. Everyone yells to abort, they’re all running to get out,  and there’s a huge explosion.  Jack, of course, runs in to find Renee…she’s ok… but she says something to Jack that makes his blood run cold. She says it was like this person knew their response plans.

That’s enough for Jack. He storms out, and he lets out one of his menacing bellows: “TONY!!!!”

Tony, who is working to get a not-actually-injured Galvez (and the canister) out of the wreckage and into an ambulance (destination: out of the perimeter) looks like “Oh crap.”


Jack starts flipping out on Tony– whipping out a gun on him, accusing him of being involved.  Tony’s looking panicked and trying to stay calm. He’s all “Jack, your judgment is impaired. You’re not thinking.”

Jack’s not convinced, but luckily for Tony, Jack starts having one of his seizures. Tony pulls Jack’s gun out of his hands and decides it’s cool to show his cards.  “This what you’re looking for?” he asks showing Jack that he’s hijacked his case of miracle-drug syringes. Jack looks pained, and presumably not just because of the physical pain.

“I never wanted to hurt you, Jack!” Tony insists.  “I told you to stay out of it, but you wouldn’t listen, would you?”

Jack is paralyzed– prone and bug-eyed on the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, in the ambulance, the paramedics can’t figure out what’s wrong with the supposedly unconscious Galvez.  They’re utterly confused– until he springs to life, knifes the doctor, and tells the driver he’s basically hijacking the vehicle.  (Jeez, buddy– those paramedics were actually trying to help you!)

Split screens also show us that Kim’s still on her way to the airport…

And it’s 3 am…

Great.  I really hope they’re not going to pull one of these things where Jack is incapacitated, and meanwhile, he’s the only one who can reveal who Tony really is.  Somebody get him some new syringes! Stat!!

Who knows. Maybe they’ll get the syringes, and then everybody will start doubting his memory/ judgment, and Tony won’t be stopped until it’s too late…

Dun dun dun!

Another exciting one!

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