Anonymiss in DC

{August 10, 2009}   What *I* Miss About Summer

Note that I say *I*, not because I’m arrogant or anything, but because this isn’t my idea. I stole it from Carrie, who stole it from “The Frisky.

Sometimes I too feel really nostalgic about my younger years. Don’t you? So here are some things I miss about summer in my little hometown. (and here’s hopin’ the kiddies of the world are enjoying their last days of summer for all they’re worth.)

1. Water Games– Please, please, please, tell me someone remembers running through the sprinkler screaming their brains out. (In addition to my parents’ standard rotating lawn sprinkler, I had a Micky Mouse one that shot straight up in the air!). Or, what about running, screaming, and flopping down belly first (ouch!) on a slip-n-slide?? Or, does anyone remember that ball that you put the water balloon in and passed around like “hot potato” until it eventually burst? I have no idea what it it was called, but it looked like this.

And… (obviously deserving of its own number)..:

2. SUPERSOAKERS! Those things were AWESOME. You filled ’em, you pumped ’em, and voila!, they didn’t just “squirt”– they “hosed.” (I remember once getting in trouble for rolling down the car window and aiming one at the car behind us)…

3. The glory of the community pool. Amazing. We would drive across town (all the while crossing our fingers that our friends would already be there—AND that they’d have yummy snacks at the snackbar!), park the car, spread a big blanket out on the grass, and then jump right in! We spent HOURS doing underwater flips, swimming through each other’s legs, trying to swim like a mermaid, trying to sit on the bottom of the pool, seeing who could keep their head under the water the longest, playing Marco Polo, daring each other to jump off the diving board…
…those were the days.

4. Catching lightning bugs! (I haven’t seen kids do this in years..and yet it was a true favorite for me). I loved grabbing a glass jar, poking some holes in the top, and trying to catch as many lightning bugs as I could. I wanted that whole jar to glow. And then when it was time for bed, I would open the jar, and watch them all realize they were free…

5. No school (obviously.) I had three months of freedom every summer. Days and days and days of ice cream and play dates. Which reminds me…

6. Playdates. Endless playdates. Hours and hours to play with Barbies, My Little Ponies, and dolls, and climb trees, and build secret forts, and bury time capsules, and ride bikes, and rollerskate, and whatever else we could think of…

7. Backyard barbecues at my aunt and uncle’s house. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a good family barbecue. My aunt made the BEST baked beans in the world, and there was always fresh corn on the cob, and there were always people takin’ turns grilling. We kids spent most of our time playing catch and hide-and-seek, and at the end of the night, sometimes, we would light sparklers at the end of the cul-de-sac. Perfect.

8. Vacations without finite end dates. Sometimes, my mom just took us to visit family in Florida, and we didn’t buy return tickets. We just went. When we were ready to come home, we did. There was no obsessing about vacation time, or comp time, or any of that. It was just summer.

9. Gardens. We planted our own tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, and green peppers, and we watched them get big and tall. Then we picked the fruit, and we got to help mom make something out of it. If we didn’t grow it in our own backyard, we drove down to the local farm for some sweet Jersey corn, bright-red tomatoes, and melt-in-your-mouth blueberries.

10. Flowers. Before they plowed over all the farmland and fields, there were wildflowers everywhere. Along this one country road there was always this little wooden stand where you could put a few dollars in a box and take home a spaghetti-sauce jar chock-full of sunflowers and Queen Anne’s Lace….

What else am I missing? πŸ™‚

Patrick says:

Ice Cream- you are missing ice cream.

Anonymiss in DC says:

yeah, but…i don’t MISS ice cream. i still eat lots of ice cream in the summer πŸ™‚ don’t you? πŸ™‚

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