Anonymiss in DC

{November 18, 2009}   People who need to shut up

(And before you can say it– not me. This is MY blog :P)

There are certain people I see in the news all the time…and I think they should just stop talking. I think we should all just stop paying attention to them and hope they disappear.

Here are a few– just off the top of my head.

1. Kate Gosselin / Jon Gosselin:

She hates him, he hates her, the shows not good for the kids, but it is good for the kids, and she’s a lowly working mom and he just took 250K out of their shared checking account, and he has three different girlfriends and she has a cute new haircut…JUST STOP STOP STOP. Just STOP talking. You two are disgrace.  Get divorced, move on with your lives, and stop throwing your dirty laundry all over the place.

2. Jenny McCarthy

“I have a son who has autism and IT WAS CAUSED BY A VACCINE. I KNOW IT! I *KNOW* it! I am a MOTHER, damnit! Mother’s intuition!”

Jenny, I am genuinely sorry about your kid.  I really am.  But if you’re not going to say anything constructive– like advocate for legitimate research into the causes of childhood autism (AKA not research that’s been done over and over again without finding a connection between vaccines and autism)– then just shut up and raise your kid and spend time with Jim Carrey.

3. Sarah Palin

“I’m a maaaaaverick! Those McCain people sure were mean to me! And so was Katie Couric.   Read my new book. Is it good? You betcha! *wink*”

**Groan** Please, please, please. Just go away. If you must, run for president in three years and we’ll make fun of you some more.  But for now, please, just leave us alone.

4. The Karshidians

“Reality TV is like, awesome. And one of us is like, pregnant, and the other one just got married, and like, we have our own fashion line now, too. And we’re hot.”

Who are you people? Really? Where did you even come from?? Who, really, watches your show? And why do I care when you lose two pounds or gain two pounds or get married after precisely ten minutes of dating someone?

**deep breath**

Ok I feel better now. 😛


OH! But I forgot one!

5.  Carrie Prejean

“I hate gay people, but I’m so allowed to have an opinion and be all moral, but I only made one sex tape, even though it was actually 8…”

You know what? I disagree with your opinion about gay marriage, but acknowledge you can say what you want.  I also could care less that you made sex tapes.  That’s your business. I’m just tired of hearing about you and your lost crown and your heinous emails back and forth with the Miss America people.  Just fade into the background.  Go away. Really, it’s better that way. For all of us.

Carrie says:

Along the lines of Sarah Palin, I’m going to have to vote for Levi Johnston. Who the eff cares anymore?? Who cared to begin with??

Can we please add Al Sharpton and his ridiculous pompadour to this list? I am so over him and all of his false outrage and piety. More importantly, I am over all of the media people willing to shove a microphone in his direction every time something with the slightest angle of race happens. He happily cover the most dangerous territory in America – the area between him and a microphone – in record time and purports to speak for the whole of Black America. Hey Al & your media enablers, He doesn’t speak for me.

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