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{April 13, 2010}   Anyone watching 24?

Is anyone still watching 24? I feel deprived of people with whom to discuss this, so I’m resorting to the blog, once again. (You know you all miss my minute-to-minute summaries from last season! Ha!) Actually, I’m rather shocked: do you know I’ve actually missed a couple of episodes this season and I’m not all that inclined to watch them? *Gasp* This is so not like me.

Luckily, I still love it. I say luckily mainly because I feel like at this point the only people who still “love it” (like me) don’t actually care anymore…we’re just along for the wild ride of the last season because we want to see what the writers are going to throw our way.  So remember your audience, Fox. We’ve been loyal. Don’t screw it up!

And well, this season’s pretty “safe.”  It’s a lot of the same stuff that makes 24, well…24.  Nothing mind-blowing. But what the heck, right? It’s the last season.

We’ve got the new, attractive woman at CTU (who happens to be–shocker– the new bad-ass MOLE!)…

… more of Jack impossibly surviving countless gunshots…

…more “traitors” and inside plots at the White House…

…more “sometimes torture can be ok” vibes coupled with more ” is it ever ok to negotiate with terrorists” dilemmas…

…another  weepy “blinded by love” clueless woman, and…

…and(!) CHARLES LOGAN. Yes, that’s what I said. Charles Logan. Again. This obviously entails more hooplah about David Palmer and PLOTS AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Dear God. Now all I need is for Tony to show up with his Cubs mug and my cupcakes will officially be frosted.

As an aside– because I simply cannot help myself— was it really necessary to kill off Renee last night?? No. It was not. Especially like this.

I’d be peeved anyway, but if you had to kill her off, you could’ve at least put some freakin’ EFFORT into it.  You know? Make it a little more gut-wrenching for me. ..drag it out a little more, for crying out loud…SOMETHING! But don’t have her get shot while wrapped in an effin’ BED SHEET, of all things– give the girl some dignity!– hauled by Jack into a hospital after a whopping 30 second not-even-that-exciting drive, and then pronounced dead in a waiting room approximately three seconds later by a team of grim-looking paramedics.  That’s all you could come up with?! Really?

Now as I said, I’m just annoyed they killed her, even if I could see it coming from a mile away. At least Renee was interesting and remarkably unpathetic….even if they did decide earlier this season that she ought to come back as a psychological disaster area. (Did I mention that irked me too?)  I know I laughed when she showed up last season with her glossy red hair and freckles and  it became instantly apparent that she was going to be Jack’s next fling…but she grew on me.  She was one tough chick, and she didn’t take anyone’s crap.  I liked that.  Killing her off was completely unnecessary.

Fail, Fox.

I know you’re going to have Jack go down in a blaze of glory on the big screen and all, but at least Renee was a fighter– a perfect Jack Bauer sidekick (and, I might add,  a vast improvement to Audrey!)– and you just threw her away in a poorly executed sniper scene? Fail!

Now that I’m done with that….

We’ll see how this “Chloe in charge” thing goes. I love Chloe, as you know. I love her frequent tongue lashings, her always-on-top-of-things cool, and, of course, her general snarkiness towards anyone who gives her a hard time. But that’s her role. I’m not sure I need to see her become Michelle Dessler or Renee Walker.  I like her “nerd in the corner” girl-power.  So tread carefully, Fox. (BTW, that scene where Chloe brandished a gun? I laughed.)

Here’s hoping Tony shows up with his Cubs mug. Just for me. 😛


I am so behind- I think I’m going to have to watch a bunch of episodes next month on the beach.

Carrie says:

Yeah, I don’t watch 24 at all but I do love reading you rant about it!

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