Anonymiss in DC

{April 19, 2010}   As I was walking….

One of the many perks of having a doggy is that you have to go outside and walk if you don’t want to face the guilt of being a bad puppy mama.  I don’t normally post photos, as you know, but I have now walked past this specimen a few times, and I simply cannot keep it to myself any longer. Keep in mind that this scene is approximately three blocks from the local grocery store.

So let me get this straight. You bought a bunch of stuff and decided that rather than carry it, you’d wheel your cart home.  Technically, that’s stealing, even if you’re “borrowing” it, but as someone who frequently walks to the grocery store and almost-always walks out with more than I really should attempt to carry by myself, I at least “get” where you’re coming from. Walk it home, empty it out, and wheel it back later. No harm done.


Except that now, you’ve LOCKED your stolen shopping cart to a community bike rack, where it has been for several days now. Have you decided that this is now your personal shopping cart, and that you cannot bear the thought of someone else using it? Are you using it for something other than lugging groceries (which seems unlikely seeing as it hasn’t moved in several days)? Or are you just challenging Giant personnel to get extra exercise by trekking over here with a chainsaw?

I don’t understand.

I used to work at a pizza store in a suburb north of Baltimore, and all the sodas were stored in the back, which was a problem because the soda machine was in the front lobby. So one day, an enterprising delivery driver (who shall remain nameless, because I can’t remember his fucking name), showed up and unloaded a grocery cart he’d stolen from the local Five-and-WTFever down the street. And from then on, when we needed to load the soda machine, we’d just load up the cart, and empty it right into the machine. Sucker was valuable.

Anonymiss in DC says:

see, i get that it could be useful…but…i mean…it’s chained to a bike rack, on a pretty busy street, and it definitely hasn’t moved in several days. so…is it just going to stay there? is the store going to call the cops to get its cart back? i’m kind of interested to see how this plays out 😛

This is amazing. The things we lay claim to.

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