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{June 14, 2010}   Four seats

That’s it. I am going to start posting pictures of bad behavior. Yep, I’m feeling that cranky. Voila– Exhibit #1, entitled, “Four Seats”: Read the rest of this entry »


{January 29, 2010}   More metro etiquette

I have been infuriated all week by metro suckiness.  Putting aside the fact that one or more trains break EVERY SINGLE DAY for NO APPARENT REASON, it is apparently once again time to discuss Metro manners. (More on this here. I will try to avoid repetition to the extent possible. Bear in mind, however, that some things are worth repeating…) Read the rest of this entry »

{May 28, 2009}   Metro Etiquette (again!)

I was quite pleased to find that someone else outside of the metro police is as annoyed as I am by people on the metro.

In her post, “Courtesy-Minded Metro Stands Up for Riders Who Shouldn’t Have To“, Lena Sun talks about people not giving up seats to those who are elderly, disabled, or even pregnant.  Shocking, right?

Except I live here.

Last week, I got on a crowded red line train to Glenmont, and there were 2 men on each of the 2 front benches at the rear-end of the car. A woman carrying a baby in her arms got on the train, and not ONE of the four looked up.  Read the rest of this entry »

{March 24, 2009}   More fun on metro: Ads

This is going to be a short one, but I just want to give a shout out to people who make my metro rides interesting (in a positive way– not you jerks who listen to your music too loud!)

I’m not advocating vandalism or anything, but sometimes, harmless vandalism makes me giggle.

Favorite Examples of Late:

Read the rest of this entry »

{February 6, 2009}   Fun times on Metro!

One of the joys of living in the city are all of the things you see and/or experience while riding the metro all over the place (because who really drives around here, honestly?)

I feel like sharing a few of my favorites.

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{December 10, 2008}   Metro Etiquette

At some point in college, thoroughly annoyed by the existence of a book that was essentially a list of things to be happy about (it shall remain nameless, here :P), I decided to start making a list of things that piss me off. You know– things that  just grind my gears, make me want to rip my hair out, throw heavy objects.  That kind of thing.

For reasons wholly unknown to me, this was hilariously fun to do when I got bored and didn’t want to do anything productive. Most everyone I told about it said it was probably unhealthy. Others seemed slightly horrified at my bitterness, even though I tried to assure them it was all in good fun. It was DEFINITELY more fun than trying to make my own list of things to smile about (sunny days, chocolate chip cookies,  Christmas). After all, one can only take so much sunshine.

More recently, it’s occurred to me that I do an awful lot of complaining about the DC Metro system. Most of the time that complaining centers around behaviors and conduct I consider rude, unnecessary, obnoxious, or otherwise uncalled for. Then, the other day, after patiently listening to my commuting story, a friend joked that I should establish my own metro-rider code of conduct. Even though she was kidding, I think that was an excellent suggestion. Read the rest of this entry »

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